The Story Behind the Adorable Photo of Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza Dining at Chuck E. Cheese

Today, childhood pizza haunt Chuck E. Cheese is facing bankruptcy, but we can choose to remember its glory days.

Take, for instance, the time when actors Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza landed at an El Monte, California franchise to the surprise of its patrons.

So, what’s the story around the iconic photo? The pic has made its way around social media for years. Recently, Aubrey took to Twitter to clear things up.


According to Daniela Coronado, one of the fans in the photo, it was taken in 2010, around the time of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, in which both actors starred.

They were allegedly dating at the time.

Coronado also posted about her 15 minutes in the presence of celebrity to Tik Tok.


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We’ll never really know what brought the couple to El Monte, but their presence nevertheless excited fans who really wanted a picture with the couple. They however, just wanted to be left alone to canoodle over pizza and declined.But just as they got the word out, a group of kids at a birthday party in the back of the restaurant got into photo mode around them, and the legendary pic was snapped.

Regardless of how mad the staff may have been at the kids’ bravado, the duo made everyone’s day and memories for years to come. Aubrey also appears to have made her peace with the pic to the delight of Twitterers everywhere, who couldn’t help but comment on how small Cera was!

Have you had any unexpected celebrity encounters? What were they like? We hope… they were awesome!

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