These People Are All Having a Worse Day Than You

Hey, we all have bad days, right?

Sure, we do!

But the big difference between you and these folks is that your fails haven’t been included in articles so the whole world can mock you…at least not yet…

But we can work on that another time, right friends?!?!

For now, please enjoy the misfortune of these people who are all definitely not having good days. Let’s take a look.

1. Ouch…all the way through the case, as well.

I hope he’s gonna replace that!

cable guy drills a hole in the side of house, into a closet, through a guitar case, and right through a Martin HD-28V… from Wellthatsucks

2. Good thing you were paying attention.

Your bad day could have gotten even worse.

Walking to my first job this morning with a fresh cup of coffee. That’s not cream, it’s a crow shit hole in one. from Wellthatsucks

3. I think you totally nailed it!

Hey, lookin’ good! Remember, that yearbook will only be around…forever.

Yearbook photo from my first year as a teacher. from Wellthatsucks

4. I guess no one else got the memo, huh?

That’s…kind of embarrassing.

I’m the only person in my entire office of 30 people who dressed up today and I’m in a full body banana suit. from Wellthatsucks

5. I hope you like lots and lots of pepper.

But it looks like just a tad bit too much.

My pepper grinder broke this morning. from Wellthatsucks

6. Gee, thanks a lot!

They really do a great job, don’t they?

DoorDash sent me this as a delivery confirmation photo… from Wellthatsucks

7. Yikes. That is not cool.

I don’t think that’s ever coming out.

Paint lid wasn’t closed properly by the store… from Wellthatsucks

8. Gonna need some heavy lifters to get this baby right-side up.

Do you know any tow truck drivers?

Well I flipped a tractor from Wellthatsucks

9. Uhhhh, what happened here?

This is a total mystery.

This guy bought a smart phone online but received a stone from Wellthatsucks

10. Total disaster area.

You should have read the fine print!

Bought a house in July and they graciously left me a mini fridge in the basement, after moving all my beer and alcohol downstairs I discovered it was infact a freezer. from Wellthatsucks

11. Good thing no one was standing by that window.

Close call!

McLaren inside a dealership gets hit by a loose truck wheel from Wellthatsucks

12. The bib of pain.

That looks very uncomfortable.

Went out on a boat without sunscreen today and now I have what I am calling “the bib of pain” from Wellthatsucks

13. They made quick work of that.

They were obviously professionals.

Walked outside to leave for work today, and some kind individual stole all my wheels… happy holidays! from Wellthatsucks

Okay, now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us about a particularly bad (or even terrible) day that you had lately.

Please and thank you!