People Are Sharing the Funny and “True” Meanings of Their Countries’ Flags

Jokes about countries are as old as… countries. For as long as we’ve been putting up borders and calling ourselves different names, we’ve also been cracking jokes about one another.

But who knew flags would be such good fodder for jokes? After all, they’re pretty simple – a few colors, maybe some stripes and boom, you’ve got a flag.

These internet users have taken their country-roasting to the next level by making charts that explain exactly what each country’s flag means, and the results are pretty brutal.

1. Italy is known for their food.

Don’t hate on the game.

2. The United States can’t keep their hands to themselves.

It would be sooooo refreshing to have them NOT f**k around with others.

3. Germany is a little funny.

But only a little.

4. Australia is kind of a mess.

And so is their flag.

5. Greece is such a beautiful place.

They just have A LOT of debt. So sue them.

6. North Korea is just so damn backwards.


7. The very accurate flag of Brazil.


8. Ahhh yes… the USSR is no more.

Good riddance.

9. If I were from France…

… I’d think this was doe.

10. Oh Russia…

Please change. And soon.

11. Italy likes to change their mind.

Can you blame them? Yes… yes you can.

12. Yeah, Somalia is a mess.

Very accurate.

13. Yet another Ireland joke.

It’s just too easy sometimes.

14. Whoa. Japan. Sorry.

Seriously… this one is fierce.

15. It’s pretty easy to make fun of Ireland, right?

Isn’t it lucky to give them crap?

16. Oh snap Germany!

Why can’t you ever win those world wars, yo?

17. Did you know this about Chile?

So many earthquakes… apparently…

18. Ahhh, the Union Jack

Yikes… that one hurts.

19. Throwing some shad at North Korea

And for good reason!

Also, in case you’re wondering, this is what it looks like when people in other countries throw American themed parties.

So… now that you know all of that… what do you think? Have any thoughts you’d like to share? Yeah you do!

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Thanks, fam!