They Asked Their Brother if They Adopted a Dog or a Cat. Are They a Jerk?

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AITAH because when my brother and his husband adopted a baby I asked if they got a dog or a cat?

“My brother and his husband recently adopted their son. It was kind of sudden, baby dropped at the fire station sort of situation.

I had known they were in the process of adopting, but as far as I knew they were kind of early on. I don’t know anything about the process so I guess I thought a pregnant woman looked through stacks of applicants, picked some family, met with them, and they went to the hospital to get the baby when it was born.

Basically I thought there would be a lot of lead up to them becoming dads and I would have a heads up.

So my bro had called me last week and said, “congrats you’re an uncle! You have a little nephew.”

And reflexively I just said, “oh nice, did you get a dog or a cat?”

My bro was silent for a bit and I was thinking that’s not a hard question? And he finally says, “a human baby, we adopted a baby boy…”

And I was like, “s**t sorry, that was fast.”

My mom was absolutely HORRIFIED at this story and I’ve been deemed the biggest family a**hole this year over it. My brother doesn’t seem mad, his husband seems to be very annoyed with me.

No one understands why I would ask that, so I mean, idk, am I an AH here? I’m not neurotypical, so it’s hard for me to know if maybe they’re teasing me and not actually that mad.

However, if this situation needs a real sit down kind of apology for me being a major AH then I want to do that.”

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