They Give You Two Straws to Make You Drink Faster, and 9 Other Psychological Tricks Restaurant Servers Use

If you’ve never worked in food service, you might not realize that there are tricks to absolutely every trade.

There are ways servers manipulate you, ways the try to ensure everyone has the best possible experience, and a million other things you’ve probably never noticed.

At least, not before you read this list– because now you’re going to see what’s going on with two open eyes!

10. They carry around an eye-catching drink (or dessert missing a slice or two).

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The more people see it, the more it lodges in their mind, and before you know it, you have to have one!

9. They parrot back your order.

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Hearing the proof that they heard you correctly increases their confidence that you’ll get the food right.

8. Keep spare cutlery handy.

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People are clumsy, and you’ll be there, ready and at the rescue.

7. They offer upgrades without mentioning the price.

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Would you like the guac with that? Some cheese on your burger? Yep, it’s extra – but they won’t tell you that unless you ask.

6. Do a slight nod when suggesting those upgrades.

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You order a vodka cranberry, they suggest “a Grey Goose and cranberry?” with a little nod.

You might be surprised how well this works.

5. Give you two straws in your alcoholic drink.

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You’ll drink it faster, and everyone knows alcohol is where restaurants make the real money.

4. Be cool to the kids.

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Parents will tip more if you treat their little monkeys like they’re not destroying the floor under your tables.

3. Return your bill with your credit card showing.

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They don’t want you to forget it. You know, since they sold you all of those drinks.

2. Mention dessert up front.

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If you plant the seed while people are still hungry, they’ll be more likely to save room to order more at the end of the meal.

1. Hand you the menu open to the most expensive page.

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Once you’ve seen those items, your heart isn’t going to want to flip back to the salads.

I actually kind of miss waiting tables – when everything went right it was like riding a high.

Have you waited tables? Have you used any of these tricks? Tell us in the comments!