They Mocked an Annoying Co-Worker After She Got Into an Accident. Did They Go Too Far?

We all have annoying co-workers, but is it okay to mock them if something unfortunate happens to them?

That’s the question at the heart of this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page.

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AITA for mocking my annoying coworker after she’d been in an accident?

“I have a coworker, Hannah, who h**es the fact that I come to work by car.

Every time I mention traffic, parking or I’m a little late, she goes “why don’t you bike to work instead?”. Or “should’ve taken the tram, it’s immune to traffic”, “the bike park has plenty of space”, etc. It’s incredibly annoying and she always does this.

A few days ago, a car turned on Hannah while she was riding her bike to work and she suffered some very minor injuries. Nothing serious, just a broken arm and a concussion. Our team put together a little present for her, everybody wrote a note and another coworker delivered it to Hannah’s apartment.

My note said “Should’ve come by car”. I thought it was a funny joke, but apparently not. It got delivered to her and she told the others, who came to me and called me petty and insensitive and are now acting very cold towards me.

I think they are overreacting, it was just a joke.


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One reader said they’re an a**hole, no doubt about it.

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And another Reddit user said they hope the co-worker files a complaint to HR about this.

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And this person thinks it’s funny…but they also admit that they’re probably an a**hole.

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