They Physically Removed Their Sisters From Their Room. Were They Wrong?

I grew up in a household with five children and I can say without hesitation that there were sometimes fights between the siblings…and sometimes I was involved…

But we were kids! And some families get a little more riled up than others…

But everyone has different feelings about that kind of stuff and this person wants to know if they stepped over the line when they physically removed their sisters from their room.

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AITA for physically removing my sisters from my room?

“I’m the oldest of 5, I’m 19 and my two sisters are 14 and 7,

I just recently started a new job, and finally have a bit of spending money for myself. I deal with low blood sugar on occasion, or I get very hungry/thirsty in the night so about a month ago I bought a little cart to keep in the corner of my room, and filled it with snacks, some drinks and other basic essentials (lotion, extra chapstick because I’m always losing mine, etc.)

My siblings are freaking vultures when it comes to food, any time there’s some sort of snack they like, they will eat it back to back like chain smoking until it’s gone. Then blame each other when there is no more, hence another reason why my snack cart is in my room.

I had just restocked the cart, and was noticing things disappear from it that I knew I wasn’t eating, since it normally takes a while for me to make a dent in my stash. I confronted my siblings, my two brothers admitted and apologized while my sisters claimed innocence. I let it go but snacks were still coming up missing.

I snooped in my sisters’ room and found wrappers/bottles under their beds. I was irritated and wanted to catch them in the act, so next day I pretended to leave for work, snuck around through the back door and waiting in my closet to catch them.

It took a while and I almost gave up, when I heard my door open and heard the older sister directing the younger sister on what snacks to take. I came out of my closet having caught them in the act, and frankly I was pi**ed.

I yelled a bit, and kicked them out. They tried to come back into the room to reason with me, and wouldn’t leave so I used one of my giant stuffed animals to block them back outside the door. My baby sister got really upset and cried, while the older sister said I was being an a** over it.

My mom ended up giving me s**t about it, saying I needed to bring my snacks downstairs because “anything food wise you bring into this house needs to be shared” which I find hypocritical given she keeps her favorite snacks in her room where my siblings can’t find it.

I feel bad for getting angry over something so trivial and childish, I’m the oldest and should be setting examples, yet here I am mad over snacks. AITA for yelling and kicking them out?

WIBTA if I barred them from my room and locked the door when I leave the house?”

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