This Artist Imagines What Happened Behind-The-Scenes With Your Favorite Pop Culture Characters

Have you ever spent way too much time conjuring pasts, futures, and secret lives of fictional characters? Have you ever wondered what went on in a certain world when the attention turned to other characters and happenings?

If so, you’re definitely not alone, and now artist Alex Solis is bringing us really…interesting drawings that bring those musings to life.

He calls them “Unpopular Culture,” and while some of them might ruin your childhood, I doubt you’ll regret giving them a scroll.

16. You always wondered what was under that cap.

Now you might be sorry that you know.


15. This one actually makes sense.

I’m mad I never thought of it before, tbh.


14. It just keeps going and going.

And honestly getting better – who doesn’t love Casper?


13. Literally the best.

So many mashups!


12. Painfully true.

No one would want to meet Garfield’s attitude online.


11. So that’s where he went.

No one will ever find him now.


10. I love them both.

I know you do too!


9. He’s ready for his escape.

It was a painful transformation though.


8. How are they gonna make those cute puppies now?

Or share their spaghetti?

7. Stimpy! You EDDDEIOT!

I love these two. Um… four.


6. Such a creative mashup.

What do you think?


5. Now we have the official word.

It must be so.


4. I would pay to see this movie.

He’s gonna let it go.


3. You are what you eat.

What kind of face are you making right now?


2. This makes so much sense.

Giggity giggity… mon cherie.


1. Nesting perfection.

This is the best one! We found it!


I just love the way some people’s minds work.

Which one of these made you gasp out loud? Tell us in the comments!