This Guy Tricked His Parents Into Being on Time for His Wedding. Was He Wrong?

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AITA for tricking my parents into being on time for my wedding?

“My (M33) parents are late for everything. Like everything. Both of my sister’s and myself have been disappointed so many times.

Graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, even my father’s retirement dinner. It is completely my mother’s fault. She is a wonderful mother and I love her dearly, she just does not understand the concept of punctuality.

I have seen her talking to her sister on the phone and reminded her she needed to be at my baby sister’s dance recital. She waved me off and arrived after my sister had danced.

We are all used to it. My dad is just done trying to get her to be on time for anything.

My now wife (F28) told me in no uncertain terms that if my mother was late for our wedding she would do terrible things to me. She was only half joking. But she was a witness to my mom and dad arriving halfway through my cousin’s quinceañera.

So here is what I did. It is completely on me. Me wife was not involved. If there is a dick move it was completely mine.

When we were getting samples for the wedding I talked to the printer and had one special invitation printed with the time on it stated s being one hour earlier than the actual start time of the ceremony.

My mother was beside herself apparently when they left the house and thought they were going to miss the wedding since she was a part of it with her and my MIL lighting the candles we would use to light the unity candle and stuff.

When she arrived and noticed other people were also just arriving and parking she was so relieved that we were starting late that she just went with it.

The ceremony went off beautifully. And so did the wedding pictures and the reception.

The problem came last Sunday. My parents came over for a big family dinner and we didn’t bother starting the grill until they showed up. She asked why everyone wasn’t eating and we just said we knew we would be waiting for them since they are always late.

She said that she was not always late and had been on time for my wedding. She hadn’t been. They arrived 45 minutes AFTER the time on their invitation.

My idiot cousin John, real name because it’s common and he deserves people to know he is a dolt, snorted at her statement. A few other people giggled or smiled at this and she picked up and asked what was so funny.

I came clean and told her about the “special” invitation.

She is pi**ed at me for not trusting her and making her look foolish in front of everyone. If my cousin had just controlled himself she never would have known.


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