This Hot Cocoa Bomb Is Hiding Baby Yoda, and Yes, You Need One

Image Credit: Amazon

Everyone loves “The Child,” and everyone loves hot cocoa (right?) so how on earth could a product that combines those two things ever miss?

I have no idea, and I doubt we’ll be finding out anytime soon, either. Because here is something that we never knew we needed, but we’ll all inevitably want.

Image Credit: Amazon

Baby Yoda – a.k.a The Child – can be found just about everywhere these days. He’s (?) on coloring books and Christmas ornaments, lunch boxes and Halloween costumes…there’s really no escaping it.

Not that you’d want to, of course.

This hot cocoa bomb just might take the cake, though. Here are the very simple instructions.

Image Credit: Amazon

A hot cocoa bomb is a hollow chocolate ball that’s typically filled with mini white marshmallows. As the chocolate melts into your mug of cocoa, it cracks open and bam, now you’ve got marshmallows, too.

This version, from Galerie, is made of milk chocolate and comes with a green Baby Yoda marshmallow inside.

I mean, how cute is that?

If you ask me, this would make the perfect stocking stuffer. They’re only $3.99 and you can get them on Galerie’s website, at Kroger, or even on Amazon.

Image Credit: Amazon

Stocking stuffers are hard to find, especially ones that will make people happy, not break the bank, and be both adorable and delicious.

Me, I’m going to buy about 1,000 of them and give them out to strangers on the street. Why? Because I’m not having Christmas with my family this year. ALL of you will become my family now. Congrats!

Or… at least 1,000 of you.

You can’t ask for more, so click over and get shopping!