This Person Refuses to Claim a Certain National Nationality. Are They Wrong?

I think family history is very interesting and important and I like to research where my ancestors come from and all that good stuff, BUT I can also see how people get annoyed with folks who claim to be of a certain heritage when they’ve never stepped foot in that country.

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AITA for not being Irish?

“I have Irish great-great grandparents.

I live in England, as has all of my relatives since 1910.

I have recently started to have an American live with me, and she introduces herself to people as “Irish”.

Now, I know Americans do this weird thing where they believe they are where their ancestors came from. We Europeans find this hilarious, but what ya gonna do?

Recently, I have been researching my family history and she got involved.

She is now saying that I should go around saying I am “Irish” otherwise it is disrespectful to my ancestors.

The problem is I am not Irish. I am English. I don’t know Irish culture. I have never been to Ireland. I am English. I would argue she isn’t Irish either since she has never been to Ireland nor knows Irish culture but, still, she can introduce herself however she wants.

She is getting incredibly upset that I am refusing to say I am Irish and she has even started to introduce me as her Irish friend. I told her to stop, and she got annoyed

I mean, where do you draw the line on ancestors anyway? Should I introduce myself as African before all my ancestors started out in Africa? No.

So, AITA for not saying I am Irish?”

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This person made it clear: neither of these folks should claim to be Irish.

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