The old gags really are the best – I mean, there’s a reason something becomes a classic, wouldn’t you say?

The only thing better than figuring out that you’ve been gotten by the dihydrogen monoxide gag, and are therefore in on the job now, is being able to dupe someone still unsuspecting of what’s coming.

And “getting” your students has to be one of the most enjoyable parts of teaching 7th graders (I’m guessing they’re in short supply).

If you’re confused, let me let you in on the joke up front: dihydrogen monoxide is the chemical name for water.

Now, let’s get on to how this teacher made his point in class.

They began with fact that it has a pH level higher than any other acid.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

Then they talk to the kids about how it’s found in many, many places, and in things that we eat and things that we touch, even though inhaling it can lead to death.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

There are no bans. No one is talking about regulations.

They discuss how to channel their outrage. Who to write to about it, how to change the laws.

Then, this…

Image Credit: Cheezburger

It’s almost like two lessons in one, really.

Image Credit: Cheezburger


Image Credit: Cheezbuger

Make that three lessons in one. Oops.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

Have you ever read a more succinct and well-planned lesson in your life? Especially if the goal is freaking everyone the heck out?

I have not, but if you’ve got another one, please regale us in the comments!