This Woman Got Into a Big Spat With Her Sister-in-Law. Is She Wrong?

It’s not a hard and fast rule, but I feel like a whole lot of people out there have issues with their in-laws.

And here’s yet another example!

Take a look at this story from the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit and see if you think this woman should feel guilty for some comments she made to her sister-in-law.

AITA for telling my husband’s sister it should be him she holds accountable and not me?

“This is going to sound kinda crazy but here goes…

I (40f) had a son last year and I spent the whole time not knowing I was pregnant. My husband and I tried to have a baby for six years to no avail. I was diagnosed with endo and PCOS which we were told would make it incredibly difficult. We tried fertility medication and it didn’t help.

After six years we were just too broken by it all. We took a break and then decided we just needed to focus on being child free and happy. It was tough and for years I was so unhappy. But I longed to have a baby of my own and knew it wouldn’t be fair to adopt when I was so hung up on that connection. It was June of last year when my son was born.

A week before I started getting terrible back pains followed by cramping and vomiting. My husband brought me to the hospital on the advice of our doctor and that’s when we were told I was giving birth. My stomach was flat and I’d had no cravings, felt no movement. I ended up needing a c-section because where he was made it difficult for him to come out without harm to both of us (I am summing up because my birth story would not fit into 3k limit).

We were in shock but considering my son was healthy and I recovered well within the first week we got lucky. Everyone was stunned. Family, friends, us most of all.

Anyway, now onto the point. Everyone was just so happy for us and seemed to celebrate the fact we had our own surprise baby. But a couple of weeks ago at my husbands parents house my husbands sister straight up said she believed I knew and didn’t tell her, and how p**sed she was at me for keeping it to myself.

My husband told her she was being ridiculous. She told me I owed it to her to tell her she was becoming an aunt. I asked her why she was blaming me instead of my husband.

She said I didn’t tell him either. I told her I would have told my husband had I known and if she honestly believes I knew all along then he would have known too and she should direct her anger and accountability at him because I didn’t owe it to her to tell her, he would be the one to owe her that in a sense.

She is claiming I made it sound like she’s nothing. But she’s only my in-law, she’s his sister is the way I look at it so it should be more on him than me if we’re playing this weird blame game she wants to play.


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