This Woman Learned The Hard Way That Some People Consider Leftovers “Scraps”

As someone from the Midwest, I honestly had no idea that leftovers were something to frown at until recently. It’s about not being wasteful, for one, but also as a busy mom I love not having to cook something new every single night.

It sounds as if this woman was raised similarly, but got a rude awakening when she attempted to suggest SHE COOK her boyfriend the “scraps” in the fridge.

Said scraps were already-pattied (but not cooked) burgers and some sides from the day before – not a week, a day.

I (27 f) cooked my bf (41 m) “scraps” for dinner.

We need to go grocery shopping but have leftovers in the fridge from last night which I assumed would be eaten this evening. These leftovers are uncooked burger patties, pasta salad, and grilled corn.

At 7 pm this evening bf asked what I was making for dinner. I reminded him of the leftovers. He said I was throwing a hissy fit over not wanting to cook him a good meal.

He said never mind he’s just eat some crackers and then fell asleep (at 7pm). OP “felt bad” and so she threw together a casserole with what was in the fridge.

When he woke up he refused to even taste it because it wasn’t made with “fresh” ingredients.

Then he said he’d probably just eat crackers or something and he’d have to figure it out himself. Then he fell back asleep.

After he fell asleep I felt horrible so I cooked up some rice, ground beef, peppers, onions, grilled some fresh corn and mixed it all together with some homemade chipotle sauce then baked it with some cheese to melt.

When I presented it with him he wouldn’t even taste it. He asked if I got fresh ingredients at the store or just used what we had.

I told him I cooked everything fresh but it was bought yesterday. The corn hadn’t been cooked before, the pepper hadn’t been cooked before, etc. it was all extra ingredients that I hadn’t used yesterday.

Apparently he just wanted to eat crackers and starve and she ruined his night by trying to feed him scraps.

He then told me I ruined his night further by not listening to him and letting him make his “cracker meal” and a horrible gf for trying to serve him “scraps” I insisted that it’s not scraps but he kept yelling “scraps” and told me to leave him alone to “starve”

Should I have played this differently, was I really that bad for making him this?

Or AITA for not listening to his cracker thing?

Or is he just in a mood and being a jerk?

Y’all, SHE wants to know whether or not SHE’S the jerk here, and I hope Reddit is on this one!

The top comment says what we’re all thinking, which is that her boyfriend sounds like a nightmare.

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The good news is that I (and OP) are the normal ones here.

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Also, leftovers can be delicious and OP sounds like she really knows her way around a kitchen.

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This guy can kick rocks for sure.

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I cannot fathom why this is a thing.

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I’m glad Reddit has made me feel better about my own food habits.

Also, OP needs to kick this guy to the curb.

If you disagree with either of these, let’s hear your arguments in the comments!