Unsolved Mystery Files: The Dyatlov Pass Incident


An amazing show (that’s sadly no longer on the air) called Dark Matters: Twisted But True featured a story on this incident several years ago, and since then it’s never been far from my mind when talking about strange, unsolved incidents.

On February 2, 1959, a group of 9 college-aged hikers camped for the night in the Ural Mountains of Russia. When they didn’t arrive at their final destination, a rescue party set out…and ultimately stumbled onto a truly bizarre scene.

The campers’ tent was ripped open from the inside. The bodies were found frozen in the snow, none of the students wearing outerwear –  most of them in underclothes and a few without shoes. They died of hypothermia, though 3 of the 9 also had mysterious physical injuries. Two of them sustained significant head trauma or brain damage, while one was missing her tongue.

No one knows what happened out there. There have been theories that range from an animal attack, to government conspiracies, to a murderous party member who had turned back a few days prior to the deaths. They were officially ruled dead of a “compelling natural force.”

More details here.

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