Was This Kid Wrong To Call His Stepfather Out In Front Of Guests?

Most of the time when a teenager is asking whether or not they’re wrong in relation to something they did to their parents, you can almost always bet the kid could have handled things better.

It just comes down to experience, right?

Well, in this case, OP might have a legitimate gripe – even if he is only 17.

He lives with his mother and stepfather but had a good relationship with his biological father, who passed when he was around 15. He received an inheritance from his father, and since his dad was military, his mother also receives a survivor’s benefit monthly.

Recently, he learned that his mom and stepdad had spent some of his inheritance (a good portion, actually) to buy a house – something they’d never been able to afford on their own.

For the past few months I (17m) haven’t had a good relationship with my mom or stepdad. I’m angry at them because 2 years ago when my dad passed away he left me inheritance that I’m supposed to get on my 18th bday. I’m also getting survivors benefits that my mom uses for me when I need things so is not like she used this inheritance for me.

They bought a house that we moved into. It was weird for me because we always lived in a 3 bedroom apartment. My stepdad is a substitute teacher and my mom’s a part time reception. They never even had enough to go for a vacation or something but all of a sudden they had for a large house out of nowhere.

Mg mom looked guilty about it until she finally admitted they used some of what my dad left me to buy the house. I lost my s*%t.

OP is angry, because though they claim it was for him, too (since he lives there), he planned to move out in less than a year and to use the money for college.

They tried to justify that it was for me too and I asked them does that mean they’re moving out when I’m 18 an the house is gone be in my name? And they’re like no. That’s what I thought. Supposedly the house was for my but max time I would’ve lived there was a few months.

There’s still some money left if I went to a cheap college but still can’t believe they used my money for something on themselves. That amount could’ve helped me get my own damm house. Also think is funny since my stepdad didn’t like my dad because since I was spending more time with him that meant my mom had to pay a little in child support.

But he doesn’t care using the money he left for me.

When his stepfather’s family came in town to stay for a few days, things came to a head. OP was making himself breakfast before leaving for work and his stepfather implied he should be making breakfast for everyone.

They got into a whole thing and when the stepfather played the good ol’ “you can’t talk to me like that in my own house” card, OP responded with “well actually it’s my house.”

Sorry if this a bit of a rant but where I’m asking it I was an asshole was last Saturday his family all came to stay at the house. They stayed Friday night so it was next morning when I’m getting ready to go to work. I made myself eggs in a hurry before I left my stepdad asked how come there wasn’t more for his family.

And told him it’s because I’m already leaving for work there wasn’t gonna be time to make something for everyone. He acted like it’s not a big deal if I’m a little late since its rare they have people over at the house.

We got back in forth because I’m not going to stop to make breakfast when he can do it himself. Then he pulled that don’t talk to me like that in my house. Btw there’s no door in the kitchen and that leads right to the living room so they could hear all this. I said loudly actually it’s my house since you paid for it with my money and don’t forget they stole from me.

Since this was within hearing distance of his step-family, the stepfather was embarrassed and OP’s mother says he owes him an apology.

My mom is expecting me to apologize for embarrassing him in front of his whole family because after I left they all had shit to say about it. They already went home by the time I got home but you could feel the tension. He straight up ignored me that’s how bad it was.

I don’t feel like there’s anything for me to apologize for so that’s where she thinks I’m not being a good son and kind of an a-hole.

Wanna know if others feel the same.


Does he, though? Let’s hear what Reddit has to say about it!

The top comment says not only is OP right to be angry, but he may want to contact a lawyer as well.

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People can honestly not believe there are parents who would behave this way toward their kids.

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We’re all pretty sure it’s illegal.

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This person suggested some sweet justice might be in OP’s future.

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The bottom line is that OP is not in the wrong here, not even close.

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I’m with these commenters – how dare this woman call herself a good mother or try to act as if she had OP’s best interests at heart?

What about you? How would you have him handle it? Let’s hash it out in the comments!