Was This Woman Wrong for Eating in Front of Her Boyfriend Who Is Fasting? People Responded.

I don’t care if you’re fasting, I’m gonna eat this cheeseburger!

Okay, that might seem a little bit harsh but what are you supposed to do if someone you spend a lot of time with is fasting?

Never eat again?

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AITA for ordering pizza in front of someone who is fasting?

“So my bf (30s) decided at the beginning of the year he was going to not eat for 40 days because of religious reasons but wouldn’t tell me more except to say “ I just have to do this “.

I told his I thought it was dangerous and that we have been really sick the last week. He didn’t care and hasn’t eaten in 15 days. He doesn’t look good and said he went to the hospital while I was at work but it was for something unrelated to not eating.

Well tonight is my night off and I told him I was going to order food and take it to my room because he gets really mad when I eat. After I made the phone call we was crying and just said “nothing’s wrong” when I asked what’s up.

Later he said He was mad because I ordered food he can’t have and got in his car and left. I feel really bad now and I’m worried about him driving when he doesn’t seem like he’s feeling good.

I don’t have much food in the house anyway and I can’t go to the store.”

And here’s how folks reacted on Reddit.

This reader said that this is dangerous behavior and this woman needs to alert his loved ones about this.

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And another Reddit user said this guy needs to be committed so he doesn’t harm himself any further.

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This individual said this woman is NTA and made some good points about this man’s “fasting”.

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