Watch This Woodworker Turn Coffee Beans Into A Mug

There are two types of people in the world – people who love and depend on coffee and people (like the Brits I guess) who are totally fine without it.

Or at least, they think they are.

For the rest of us, a cup a day (or probably more than one) is a necessity to keep going and keep focused – and honestly, we love a good homage to our favorite pick-me-up as well.

Image Credit: YouTube

I imagine that must go for woodworker Preston Miller, too, since he was totally inspired by a bag of Peet’s coffee beans.

He used the entire bag, mixed in some epoxy, and set the whole mess on his woodturner to spin into a cylindrical shape.

Image Credit: YouTube

“When I began woodturning the coffee beans into a coffee mug I had no idea what to expect. I just wanted to do a little something different. Would it even hold together?”

After that he attached the turned coffee onto a wooden base and kept turning it until to began to resemble a tall coffee mug.

Image Credit: YouTube

Once it was polished up he attached a wooden lid, even leaving room for a straw – and the quality of the finished product surprised even him.

Image Credit: YouTube

“This was more of a long shot experiment than a potentially successful project. I did not have high hopes for this to turn out well.”

If you ask me it definitely turned out pretty dang cool; I would definitely drink coffee out of that!

Of course, like any true coffee lover, I would drink coffee out of just about anything, but still.

What do you think about this project? Did you think it was going to turn out? We’re here for your oohs and aahhs in the comments!