What Advertisement Made You Not Want to Buy a Product? People Spoke Up.

I have a confession to make: the Discover “Cashback Match” commercials have made it certain that I will never, ever use Discover in my life because I find their commercials to be so incredibly annoying.

Do you have any products that you’ve been turned off of completely because you can’t stomach their advertisements?

AskReddit users discussed the advertisements that made them NOT want to buy certain products.

Let’s dive in!

1. Old and new.

“All time: Chevy “real people”

Recently: that Kraft singles commercial with that stupid grilled cheese song.”

2. Gross.

“There is a phone company here in Australia that runs an ad where two sisters/friends are shown partying and generally having a good time, then one gets diagnosed with an illness, presumably cancer.

The camera cuts back and forth to one of them in a hospital bed and the other getting her long hair cut off, then an emotional reunion where the one with her hair cut off visits the one in hospital who has lost her hair.

The tagline is “it starts with yes”. It uses the emotional trauma of terminal illness to try to get people to sign up for a phone service. Utterly disgusting.”

3. Hmmm…

“A local car dealer decided to put their catchphrase to the tune of Baby Shark.

Then they made a follow-up commercial apologizing for how annoying the Baby Shark spot was, but still ended it with the Baby Shark jingle.”

4. Fear mongering.

“Those multiple Volvo commercials that have been on Hulu forever.

Same premise- “if you don’t buy our brand new Volvo you’ll k**l a kid, yours or someone else’s”.

Fear mongering at its finest.”

5. Little brat!

“The one with the bratty kid and broccoli.

“Then I guess we’re gonna sit here all night!”

If I pulled a stunt like that as a kid my mom wouldn’t go put cheese on my broccoli, she’d cook broccoli for every meal.”

6. No escape.

“Surprised I haven’t seen Grammarly mentioned anywhere here.

I’ve never felt a need to use their product in the past, but their ads are so intrusive, annoying, and frequent that I’ll guaranteed never use it.”

7. WTF?

“That Marine recruiting commercial where he fought a dragon.

I never got to fight a dragon when I was in, that was bulls**t.”

8. Hahaha.


That f**king commercial where someone tells the car’s google assistant to “turn up the heat” at their house.

My google reacts by upping the heat every. Single. Time.”

9. Annoying.

“Reese’s (Cups, Pieces, etc.)

I h**e the voice of whoever narrates the commercials

The low-effort lines…ughhhh

The speaker delivers the lazy writing as if the audience is meant to find it clever

The next time you see a Reese’s commercial on TV, you’ll notice what I’m talking about..”

10. Shameless.


Massive expenditure targeting a tiny population.

The return on investment must be HUGE.

Shameless rainmaking.”

11. All of these.

“The Google Fi ads on youtube. Terrible songs and terrible animation.

Also, Old Navy ads are garbage.

And McDonalds has somehow been incapable of making a good ad for like 20 years or longer.”

12. Not a fan.

“Well, whenever I hear the KARS for Kids jingle, I think about swerving into oncoming traffic.

So I guess you could say it turns me off.”

13. Are we being scammed here?

“All the brand name medication commercials with fake people living fake lives with wild side effects worse than the original diagnosis.

And how dumb the names sound made on some name generator.

Trulicity comes to mind.”

Are there any ads that really turned you off of certain products?

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