What Are the Advantages of Being a Man? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Life isn’t fair and there are certain advantages AND disadvantages to being a man.

But today we’re going to focus on what advantages men have in this world.

Read on to see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

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1. Man stuff.

“On average, men are physically stronger, taller, faster.

The world is not as obsessed with a man’s weight or body as they are over a woman’s.

A man can walk around shirtless in the right locations. A man can pee standing up.”

2. Interesting.

“Most stuff was generally built around men – most medical research has been conducted on the male body, doctors also can’t accuse every problem you have of being your period/hormones, men are even less likely to d** in car crashes according to several studies because seatbelts etc were designed around the male form.”

3. I think you’re right.

“The answer is everything.

If dudes carried children, would ab**tion be questioned AT ALL?

Would there be a tax on tampons? No.”

4. Good point.

“Can enjoy s** without getting s**t-shamed or worry about getting pregnant.

Promiscuity doesnt turn guys into “damaged goods.””

5. Bonus.

“Men don’t have huge hormone fluctuations on a regular basis due to menstruation/menopause and men don’t get pregnant.”

6. Fight!

“Guys getting into physical fights = tough.

Women getting into physical fights = unlady like, rowdy, unfeminine.”

7. Desire.

“Desirability of a woman depends on her looks and body more. If she’s physically unattractive, there’s not much she can do.

If a guy is physically unattractive, he can work on his personality, finance and physical fitness.

8. Go with the flow.

“The world is literally our urinal.

I can’t imagine the trapped feeling every day in life of not knowing that if things get dicey, I can just turn my back on the crowd and pee.”

9. Bias.

“In most countries, positive bias towards you.

For example, if there are two identical CVs, but one is female’s and other male’s, male’s one might have a preference.

That’s true for a lot of scenarios.”

10. It’s all good.

“You don’t have to worry avout ehat other people think about too much.

Your appearance, your education, what you’re wearing and what career you’re in take the back seat when you hang out with other men.

Can you imagine us talking about haircare?”

11. Safety.

“I can feel relatively safe walking alone at night, even in sketchy neighborhoods.

That’s something a lot of men take for granted.”

12. Don’t have to try too hard.

“Male beauty standards are fairly low for the general public, so you don’t have to try that hard, just not look like s**t.”

13. Sad.

“Knowing that in nearly 99% of cultures, you’re given rights and are respected.

Women are treated as lesser humans/objects in many cultures, which is sad.”

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