What Are We Currently in the Golden Age Of? Here’s What People Said.

What do you think we’re in the golden age of?

I want you to think long and hard about that question…

And, in the meantime, check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Corporate art.

“We’re on the golden age of corporate art. Whether it’s movies, video games, social media, etc.

All these giant companies are more concerned with appealing to a trend or to a larger casual audience to make the most money possible for their shareholders. They hire artists who care, but control what they put out and suck the passion out of the creations.

For example Activision, YouTube, EA Sports, Disney, etc. Some of the most financially successful companies in these genres are also some of the most lifeless and cliche/predictable around. This is coming from someone who loves Call of Duty and The MCU.

It’s just a shame that what they’re doing is working because the quality is very obviously dipping, but their pocket books gets fatter.”

2. That’s a good thing!

“Horror movies. 2022 has had some of the best years in horror & the trend looks to be continuing to 2023.

Scream 5 & 6 is out soon, Smile, Barbarian, Nope, X, Pearl, Hellraiser, Terrifier movies, Prey, Bodies Bodies Bodies, Fresh – all fantastic & popular movies.”

3. Drag shows.


The conservative crusade against it is partially fueled by how mainstream it’s becoming. It’s a surprisingly fun and meaningful art form, and RuPaul’s Drag Race is a great reality show. It’s a queer art form, but not only for queer people – there was recently a cis, straight drag queen on RPDR.

I always encourage people to support their local queens at local bars, but the show is a great and accessible introduction to the world of drag. The best seasons to start with are 4, 5, and 6, and then All Stars 2 (the actual best season). Season 9 was also pretty great, and the current season 15 is looking to be a great one too.”

4. Are you thirsty?


Almost all brands are making new flavors and it’s never been easier to just order some from anywhere.”

5. Great!

“Remote/hybrid workplace.

For all COVID’s negatives, it showed us that a bunch of white collar workers could be more productive at home than the office, with a commensurate benefit in work-life balance and improvement in overall mental health.”

6. Sad!

“Idiots, the golden age of idiots.

Because information is EVERYWHERE, and they still choose to believe the stupidest of lies.”

7. Lots of laughs.

“Stand-up comedy.

Easy access to specials and most comics have podcasts, too.”

8. Seems to be accurate.


Everyone everywhere can feel free to claim being downtrodden / stepped upon / censored and demand the other side to be shut down, and they’ll have a supportive audience.”

9. Yeah, brah.


I don’t partake but my friends are really into the fancy designer strains from dispensaries.

Before it was legalized there weren’t as many options.”

10. Quality entertainment.

“I would say that we are in the golden age of television.

When I was a kid most TV shows were low budget and not very high-quality for the most part.

Now we have TV series where every episode is like a movie.”

11. Awesome!

“Unfettered access to music.

It’s crazy to think that a metal band playing 500-person gigs somewhere in Scandinavia can now have fans in America.”

12. Congrats!

“Dating apps.

It’s never been easier to get laid.”

13. Endless options.

“Media. Now here me out before you start lambasting me.

Yes, we have an over abundance of what would be considered the worst pieces of media ever produced. Stuff that costs $.30 to make and is meant to appeal to the absolute brainless and/or literal children.

However, on the complete opposite side of the spectrum it feels like every month we have a movie, show, song and video game that become instant classics and are some of the best pieces of media ever produced. It just all keeps getting better and better.

Even though there is so much garbage produced, we’re given just enough more amazing content that I’d consider us to be in the golden age of media, and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.”

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