What Are You Addicted To? Here’s What People Said.

It’s time for some real talk, friends…

Because we’re about to hear from some people on AskReddit about what they’re addicted to…

And we’re not going to give them a hard time because we’re here to listen and be supportive, right?

That’s right!

So keep an open mind and go ahead and see what they had to say.

1. A strong addiction.

“The Chinese restaurant across the street.

My addiction is so strong I have gotten food poisoning three times one actually putting me in the hospital and I still eat at that MF every week.”

2. Trying to quit.


And I’m a doctor, I know I need to stop.

But patients try my patience.”

3. The sticky icky.


It sucks that whenever I bring up my struggle with weed addiction to someone they’ll always mention that it’s not addictive.

Always, even if they’re supportive of me taking a break from it.”

4. Gamer.

“Video games are my crutch.

I have lots of emotional neglect trauma and the pain has sort of looped on itself into a pattern of loneliness. (I project loneliness on to situations, making my effort minimal)

Friendships scare me. Affection scares me. Being invited out scares me. Doing anything scares me. This pain has tore a hole in my life. The risk of failure/negative outcome has completely outweighed the possible positive outcomes.

I use video games as a maze for my brain to go through, so that I don’t get caught in the negative feedback loop or have to think about it. It’s pretty effective.

I would like to add that I am seeing a therapist now and soon might be a part of some group therapy session as well as trying some medication for the first time. I am really hoping for good results!”

5. Get help, dude.

“I’m addicted to peeing in empty bottles in my room because I’m too lazy to go to the bathroom.

Have tried to quit multiple times but then I finish a soda bottle and subconsciously save it in my room instead of throwing it out, and before I know it I have 20 bottles stacked up waiting to be p**s jugs.”

6. Sober up.

“Drinking….. :/

I need to sober up before my daughter is born.

I h**e depression and the inability to wanna open up to people …. so I use art to help but lately just hadn’t been feeling it.”

7. Not the worst habit.

“Going to the gym.

I truly believe I will take my life or seriously harm myself if I stop going for a long period of time.”

8. Daily routine.

“Plucking my ear hairs.

I h**e the idea of having visibly hairy ears.

So pluck them daily.”

9. Do it over again…

“Buying stuff for a new hobby while the other hobby projects are still in the closet remaining unopened.

I really want to do them in my mind, but I just never execute the idea.”

10. Hmmm…


Therapist told me chaos. My body has been accustomed to feeling constantly on edge, nervousness, anxious, and surrounded by so much noise and “events,” that now that I’m no longer in the environment, my body constantly feels that way because now the idea of something potentially happening has taken over to fill that place.

So for some reason my body desperately searches for that to give me that feeling.

I fully agree with her.”

11. The sweet stuff.

“My grandmother introduced me to Coca Cola since I was 2.

It’s been 25 years and I’m still drinking Coke.”

12. Addicted to love.

“My spouse. I literally can’t live without them.

They are incredibly kind, compassionate, and care so much for me. I love sharing my life with them.

We get mistaken for newlyweds all the time but we’ve been married for over twenty years. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for us.”

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