What Are You Positive You’ll Never Do in Your Life? Here’s What People Said.

Variety is the spice of life

And that’s why all of us enjoy different things…and why some of us refuse to do certain things.


What will you never do in your life?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Stay on land.

“Scuba dive.

I have a hole in my heart that prevents me from participating in this activity.”

2. Just say no.

“Cheat on someone.

It’s so easy to just be a good person.”

3. Your choice.

“Have children.

Don’t feel bad for me, it’s by choice.”

4. Okay, that’s weird.

“Go to a concert.

Never have, never will.

I love music, but not the musicians. I don’t see the point to pay money, to stay in a huge crowd listening music that sounds better on my headphones.

Doesn’t sound like any fun to me.”

5. Got it all figured out.

“Pay for an OnlyFans

Cheat on my Wife

Run for President

Have more than 2 kids

Buy a pickup truck.”

6. Can’t win ’em all.

“Play Augusta National.

At this point, I’d be incredibly lucky and eternally grateful just to walk the grounds during the tournament.”

7. Too much.

“Run a marathon.

I am active and work out many times a week but the idea of running a marathon is just too much, and seems borderline not worth the hurt.”

8. Just say no.

“Try hard drugs.

When i was young I always thought that I was going to try, but in every opportunity I had I always said no.

Now, I am not curious anymore.”

9. That’s nice.

“I will never forget that I have people that care and cherish my presence.

That comes from all corners of the universe that have my best interests at hand and repay them with shared wealth.”

10. No fun.

“Go to NYC on New Year’s to watch the ball drop.

Absolutely miserable experience, I’ve heard.”

11. Out in the country.

“Move back into the city or even suburbs.

Hell naw y’all can keep the noise, lights and anxiety of living in a concrete jungle.

So unnatural and unhealthy. You all can keep that cancer.”

12. Sorry, but…

“Lending money to loved ones is like playing a game of financial roulette – you never know if you’ll end up broke or brokenhearted.

So why take the risk? It’s better to be penniless and peace-full than broke and bitter. Just say no to lending money to family and friends, and save those precious relationships (and your wallet) from potential ruin!

It’s better to be broke and loved than rich and estranged, right?”

13. Don’t go in the water.

“Hang out in the ocean.

No recreational diving, no deep sea fishing, not even a cruise.

F**k the ocean.

I’m staying away from it til I d** landlocked.”

What will you never do?

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