What Are You Sick of People Trying to Convince You Is Great? Here’s What Folks Said.

Some people, I tell ya…

They make it their mission in life to convince you that something is great…even when you’re not buying what they’re selling…

It can be annoying!

So let’s hear what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. It’s a cult.

“Taylor Swift.

I just can’t seem to get into her, and her cult-like fanbase trying to drill in that she is God is something else.”

2. Not feeling it.


I’ve tried dozens and I didn’t enjoy any of them.”

3. Whack.


I’ve seen a few other people mention recently that they don’t like him and there’s always people in the comments talking about how dope he is.

F**k Drake, he’s a whack person and his music is mediocre at absolute best.”

4. Forget about the natural stuff.

“Natural remedies.

Those are what people used when they didn’t have anything else and didn’t know any better.

Pharmaceutical chemicals for the win!”

5. You gotta try it!

“The keto diet.

I’m so sick of hearing about it. No, I do NOT want to put my body into starvation mode, and I’m sick of them demonizing all carbs.

Like, I’ve seen some of these people do it, and they always are miserable, lethargic, and tired. It’s almost like they’re trying to convince themselves that a diet specifically made for epileptic kids is somehow the end all be all for a healthy, balanced meal.”

6. It is a big hit…

“Game of Thrones.

I don’t want to watch a story about royal families/rich people inbreeding, k**ling each other and destroying the world.

Reminds me too much of real life.”

7. Too busy.


. “They’re so great, they’ll let you learn things while doing other things….like audiobooks, but topical” …”your drives will be more productive”. F**k you I’m busy and my brain is ALWAYS running, leave it alone. It does not need to be more productive.

My brain is busy enough, I do not care. I do not care about alllll the people who have decided their opinions are important enough to record and share and get ads for. Let me listen to my music and my white noise in peace. I need my car time to decompress.

I love my husband, but he’s a huge podcast guy and wants me to listen them. I have found 1-3 that I can handle on occasion, but I pretty much refuse to add more at this point. I listen to most of them so we can talk about them and I can be informed, and not just to have him summarize them for me.”

8. Drink up.


Please stop trying to convince me that fermented p**s water tastes delicious and is “so good for your gut health”.”

9. Heard enough.


I got no beef with the people but man can you stop pushing your beliefs on me?”

10. You’re missing out.

“Seafood. I don’t like it.

Stop getting personally offended and trying to force feed me.”

11. All the rage.

“Air fryers.

Why does everyone want me to have one? I don’t really eat fried food. I love cooking, but don’t love random gadgets.

Why do I give a s**t if it makes amazing chicken wings if I’m happy eating chicken wings twice a year at my favorite sports bar?

But it’s healthier! Than what exactly? The fried food that I’m already not eating?”

12. Leave it up to someone else.

“Running your own business.

I’d rather just not make those big stressful decisions.”

13. Not buying it.

“Having kids.

I don’t believe you when you tell me it’s all worth it.

I think you just say that bc you have to.”

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