What Was “The Incident” at Your High School? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Every high school has one.

And no high school experience would be complete without one.

I’m talking about a scandalous story that everyone knows about and talks about for months and maybe even years.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what “The Incident” was at their schools.

1. Impressive!

“Kid stole the whole bathroom.

Sinks,doors,locks,hand dryers. He got caught.

But they never repaired it so the bathroom has no working sinks or doors.”

2. Idiot.

“Freshman year a girl who had been at Columbine had just transferred. It had only been a year since the shooting and she had major PTSD.

The principal walked up behind her with a cap **n and fired it 5 inches from her head. He then laughed when she started to panic.

The police were involved, her parents were furious and he only got a 1 month paid suspension.”

3. Prankster!

“I was at my grad ceremony and one guy, while walking the stage, pulled his pants down and mooned everyone.

Not exactly sure what happened to him but I heard he got  suspended and then got his diploma taken away from him.”

4. The “cool” teacher.

“This was about a year or two after I graduated, but the “cool” teacher got busted for having s**ual relationships with two of his 16-year-old students.

At least one of the girls was a player on the school softball team, which he coached. He was married with two small children at home, and his wife gave him the boot after that (as did the state board of education.)

I don’t remember if he served any time in jail, but he did have to register as a s** offender and will never be allowed to teach again. (I think he’s a real estate agent now.)”

5. A real legend.

“Inspired by the movie The Basketball Diaries, the center of our basketball team made it a habit to ma**urbate on the roof of the gym. Unfortunately for him he got caught in a big way by some other students and a coach.

Long story short, he was given the nickname “Stroke” and the cheerleaders even made a special cheer just for him that they’d break out when he got the ball.”

6. Power to the students.

“Students went on strike after all extra-curricular activities were cancelled by faculty untill the return of stolen school property.

The walk out lasted two days, involved at least 98% of students and made national news.”

7. What a jerk.

“During class my teacher and fellow student got into an argument over being tardy. The student got up, walked over to our teacher and punched him in the face.

The teacher was absent for more than 8 weeks bc of his mental health, caused by the incident. Student was kicked out of school obviously.”

8. Yikes.

“One of the students in my high school had some kind of issue with her bowels.

When she s**t herself in the school’s main area, a nearby student recorded her and shared the video with the entire school.

I wasn’t involved, but I’m sure the student in question is probably traumatized from that.”

9. Terrible.

“When I was in the 9th grade, for some reason the morning announcements would include student deaths when they happened.

Every month for the entire school year, at least one Aboriginal student committed s**cide.

They eventually stopped announcing student d**ths.

This was in Ontario, Canada back in 2004-2005.”

10. Jeez.

“Varsity football team, the Coaching staff and principal were all arrested during the middle of school.

Cops went room to room getting these guys, at least one linebacker tried to bum rush a cop and failed.

Turns out the team was r**ing freshman and the adults covered it up.”

11. Bomb scare.

“We had a bomb threat written on the wall of one of the bathrooms.

We evacuated and they did not find anything (it was right at the start of the week of the state exams). Well the administration decided to close all of the bathrooms except for one and it was 1 student at a time (the school had 2,000 students).

This went on for a week until several kids just peed on the wall in the hallway right in front of the principle and they tried to suspend him but his parents threatened to call the news and file a lawsuit and suddenly all bathrooms were open again.”

12. Awesome!

“Early 1980s rural high school in Pennsylvania.

A guy has two buddies stationed to hold the entrance doors open as he proceeds to ride his dirt bike in one door, down the hallway and out the other door.

It was a clean escape but not for long kids talk and everyone knew who did it.”

Now we want to hear from you.

Tell us about the scandalous incidents that happened at your high school.

We look forward to it!