What Common Thing Can People Do That You Can’t? Here’s What People Said.

Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself!

I’m talking about YOU not being able to do common things that most other people on the planet can do…

I just made it worse, didn’t I? Sorry about that…

Anyway, take a look at what these folks can’t do that most people can.

1. What did you say?

“Remember what was said within the past 5 mins.

ADHD isn’t easy to deal with.”

2. Need peace and quiet.

“I have a very hard time doing mentally taxing work with other people around.

Lots of nights and weekends.”

3. Won’t stay in.

“Wear ear buds.

I see people walking around, doing activities, heck my teens do chores with them in. All the bending, jostling, turning of the head, and they stay in their ears. I can’t move or they’ll fall out.

Hell, they’ll fall out in a few minutes even without moving. I’ve tried several different kinds over the years, have concluded my ears are just not normal, and gave up on the earbud lifestyle.”

4. Scared?

“Dive into water.

It’s not that I’m bad at it.

It’s that I just can’t make myself do it…”

5. On to the next thing.

“Keep a hobby.

Everyone I know has at least one hobby if not multiple. Sometimes a lifelong passion.

Meanwhile I can’t stick to one for more than two weeks.”

6. Keep it down!

“Talk for hours on end.

How can you have so much to say?”

7. You are not alone.

“I can’t whistle.

I’m 34 now and I’m beginning to feel it won’t ever happen.”

8. It’s a skill.

“Napping during the day.

How do you do that, nappers?

Can’t do it. Even if I’m extremely tired. Even if I slept 2 hours last night.”

9. Doesn’t make sense.


Can’t carry a tune, can’t play an instrument can’t even whistle. Not for lack of trying either I just have no rhythm and can’t hear pitch.

I was watching a singer react to a song and she was able to know the note by hearing it and I was just like how?!”

10. Keep trying…

“Cook fried rice.

I know the basics. I’ve been told 215 different tricks. So many people telling me how simple it is…

But I just cannot do it myself. I don’t know why, but cooking fried rice is my culinary white whale.”

11. Not working out.

“Swallow pills whole.

I literally cannot do that no matter how hard I try. I know it’s just a mental thing but my reflexes flat out refuse to let me work past this.

Thankfully most times if I ask “Is there a liquid or a chewable version of this?” The doctor or nurse I’m talking to can find a solution. A few months ago I had to go on amoxicillin before a root canal and there is, indeed, a chewable tablet!

The other 2 prescriptions I take are thankfully small enough to sneak into my food and not notice it getting washed down.”

12. Night owl.

“Go to bed early.

I have a very unusual sleep schedule due to work, and if I need to be up at a particular time outside that schedule, I often get advice like “Just go to bed early so you can wake up!”

People say this as if it’s perfectly normal and sane, but I have no idea how it’s even vaguely possible. I can maybe get to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual if I need to… but if I tried to go to sleep 3 hours before my usual time, I’d just lie in bed for 3 hours not sleeping.

If I need to adjust my sleep schedule, I either need to go forward by staying up super-late for a few days, or do it slowly over the course of weeks or months.”

What common thing can you not do?

Let us know in the comments.

Thanks a lot!