What Crime Do You Want to See Solved? People Shared Their Thoughts.

There are so many high-profile unsolved crimes out there that it would be hard to pick just one to learn the truth about.

And today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about the crimes they’d like to see solved.

Take a look at what they had to say.

1. Never seen again.

“Jennifer Keese.

She went missing in Florida, then authorities found her car had been abandoned and moved.

They have a photo of the suspect moving her car, but his face is obscured by a fence. She’s never been seen again.”

2. A strange one.

“Brian Shaffer.

The guy who walked into a bar in Ohio and was never seen leaving and was never heard from again.”

3. Missing.

“Michelle Parker a mother who is missing and still not found.

She once waited on me and my friends at the bar she worked at.”

4. Interesting.

“The m**ders of Barry and Honey Sherman, pharmaceutical billionaires who were found d**d in a suspicious way in their mansion.

The Toronto police bungled the case and it seems like it might never be solved.

It intrigues me because who did it? A lot of talk about it being a hit from a rival drug company, even their own son.”

5. Spooked.

“Kyron Horman. I still think about it all the time.

One of my coworkers is 19 and was in his actual class when he disappeared. It blows my mind nobody knows what happened to him.

Portland is very gossipy and still a smaller city. I get a little spooked when I drive by Skyline Elementary.”

6. Been following it for a while.

“There was a woman named Connie Boelter who was found brutally m**dered in her home in 2006.

For the longest time, the theory was that the president of a local bank (which she worked at) was behind it in some capacity. The rumor was that she had uncovered some pretty significant fraud and was going to expose it/blow the whistle, but was killed before she could do so.

The bank president ended up being cleared (no word on how they cleared him) and there’s been nothing since. I’ve been following this case since it happened and would love to see it solved.”

7. Disappeared.

“The disappearance of Timmothy Pitzen in Illinois in 2011.

His father dropped him off at school. His mother picked him up shortly after. She took him on a road trip to his favorite places. She called family and let them know they were safe. The mother was found dead by suicide in a hotel room a couple of days later, but the child was nowhere to be found. She left a note saying that Timmothy was safe and would never be found.”

8. Suspicious.

“The abduction of Madeline McCann

Background info on case: On 3rd May 2007 she dissapered from her hotel room at the ocean club resort in the Portuguese Algarve. She was only 3 years old at the time and she was taken from her bed even though her twin siblings were in the cot next to her and they were left as they were.

Her parents were under suspicion but removed from the suspect list in 2008 although many people still suspect it was them for multiple reasons. It has been 15 years and she is still missing and Christian Brukener is the top suspect in the case but no charges have been pressed yet.”

9. Local cases.

“Two local ones to me: Ray Gricar, DA that went missing. Car and laptop were found but the lap top was missing the hard drive.

Also, a local lawyer’s wife went missing years ago, the lawyer had ties to Ray Gricar, obviously.”

10. No breaks yet.

“Lindsay Buziak.

So many weird little details and questionable decisions.

Her dad is still working to find her k**ler, but there really hasn’t been a big break in the case.”

11. Been a long time.

“Leonard Peltier

He’s still in prison after the FBI put him there pretty much because they could and he was bringing justice to his native people, which of course cannot be tolerated by government agencies.

They claimed he k**led and shot two officers yet he never had a g** and FBI admitted to fabricating the gun anyways. Also they hired actors to speak against him at his trial.

He’s been denied every request for retrial despite this. He did nothing, is a political prisoner, and is injustice at it’s best. He needs to be freed.”

12. A fascinating case.

“The West Memphis Three.

Three 8-year old boys m**dered and mutilated and two teenagers sentenced to life, one sentenced to d**th for the murders despite an overwhelming lack of evidence against them.

They spent nearly 20 years in prison, one on D**th Row. Damien Echols, who was on D**th Row, still battles serious physical and mental health problems caused by years in solitary confinement (loss of vision, health problems stemming from 20 years of no dental care).

Sad part is that no one is in prison for their m**ders. The state of Arkansas has done everything in their power to prevent the case from being investigated (for example falsely claiming that all of the evidence and case files had been destroyed in a fire) in order to conceal how badly they f**ked up.

If you look into the case, it’s pretty obvious who’s responsible. I hope one day those little boys and the teenagers who lost 20 years of their lives get justice.”

What crime do you want to see solved?

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