What Did You Think People Exaggerated About Until You Tried It Yourself? People Responded.

I remember about 20 years ago when all my friends got text messaging on their phones but I held out for a while because I just didn’t see the point.

I believe the word I used to describe this new technology were “pointless.”

Boy, was I wrong!

I love texting so much that I hope I never have to speak to another human being on the phone for as long as I live!

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about things that they thought were exaggerated before they tried them out.

Not too smart.


We were d**nk and figured, it’s just water. Hold your breath and you’ll be fine.

Then I volunteered to test it out and it was the absolute worst.”

In pain.

“Back pain.

I never knew why my dad always chose to lie on the floor after coming home from work until I hit my early mid 20s.

It sucks so bad.”

Growing old.

“The emotional pain of getting older.

I get so nostalgic and teary over the past and how much has changed.

It’s a weird grieving  process over losing your youth and the way things were.”

Down and out.


You’re literally fighting your own brain, which knows every strength and weakness you have, knows exactly which buttons to press to make you feel cr**py AF.”


“Restless Leg Syndrome.

I went to rehab and got clean from multiple substances in July 2021 and developed it about a month or so into sobriety.

Holy f**k. I definitely thought it was just like, some kind of tic where you had to move your legs, but that is not the f**king case AT ALL.”

Scary stuff.

“Panic attacks.

I thought I knew what panic attacks were when I was younger and though, “Why are people making such a big deal out of this stuff?”

Turns out, I was never having panic attacks. I was just nervous and thought that’s what people meant. When I actually had a panic attack, I thought I was going to die. And even then, for some reason I feel like that was one a “half” panic attack.”


“How incredibly amazing narcotics feel.

Had back surgery and was hooked up to an IV of Dilaudid with one of those buttons so you could give yourself a little treat every 30 minutes. Holy f**king s**t.

I have never felt pure heavenly euphoric comfort like that before, nor have I since. I can completely see how people get addicted to the stuff.”


“I skinny dipped in Lake Michigan on a backpack trip. There was a light breeze and I had left my suit/towel back at base camp but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get in the water on such a beautiful night.

The breeze quickly dried me off and I could put my warm clothes back on in less than 2 minutes out of the water. It was glorious. I didn’t realize how annoying wet swim suits are until then.”


“Sleep paralysis.

I really legitimately thought i was going to d**. My retina were burnt in a way where I couldn’t even close my eyes or look away from the impending doom.

I felt slimy blood come out of my ears as my tinnitus got progressively louder. A creature was slowly advancing, my chest compressed.

All until it suddenly went away, right before the k**l and I regained control of myself.”

Game changer.

“Using a bidet.

I thought it was just weird and unnecessary. But during the “Great Covid TP Shortage” I bought a bidet attachment to save on TP.

And what a game changer a bidet is. I feel nasty using TP now.”

So sad.

“The d**th of a pet.

I knew it would be horrible, but I thought it was just a few weeks of grieving. I lost one of my cats to illness, and I didn’t even cry.

I was in so much shock, nothing felt real, and even to this day I still start to choke up when I think about her.”

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