What Did You Think Would Be Easy Until You Tried It? Here’s How People Responded.

I remember the first time I went snowboarding when I was 17-years-old.

I thought to myself: you’ve skateboarded and you’ve played hockey, so this will be a breeze!

Well…it wasn’t. I think I fell about 100 times that day…before I eventually got the hang of it. But I learned my lesson!

What did you think would be easy until you tried it?

Let’s see how AskReddit users responded.

1. That’s a tough one.

“Losing weight.

OMG the temptation of eating cookies is so big.”

2. Can’t stop.

“Trying to stop staring at my computer screen all day long.

I keep resolving to stop doing it, but then I just keep falling down rabbit holes of different websites.”

3. Very hard.


I was watching the US Open on TV and seeing the players chatting with their caddies as they took a leisurely stroll down the fairway in the sunshine, I thought ‘That’s the game for me.’

So I borrowed a set of clubs and went out. On my own. In the UK. In winter. I got home wet, tired, hungry and covered in mud and scratches with twigs in my hair after hitting about 200 strokes and losing over a dozen balls.

I played for a couple of years but I was still pretty bad at it.”

4. That’s right!

“Being an adult.

I always used to think adults were crazy when they told me as a kid that being a kid is the best.”

5. It’s a struggle.


All through my teenage years, I thought it’d be so simple to get a good paying job, never get sick and just exist, feeding myself, entertaining myself.

Then I leave home and struggle every. single. day.

It’s so exhausting.”

6. Skate or die!

“Kickflipping a skateboard.

The mechanics of it seem so obvious and simple but it took me months of trying before I landed one and I was never able to do it consistently.”

7. Not an easy thing.

“Getting out of a toxic relationship.

Ilooked down on women who complained about being in an abusive situation, i thought they were weak. “They can just leave” I would say to myself.

I was wrong and I apologize to any woman I thought negatively of because of that.”

8. Get out there!

“Ice skating!

I was so confident that because I was good on regular skates that I’d be good on ice…boy was I wrong.”

9. This is a nightmare!

“Grocery shopping by yourself is a f*cking nightmare first time around.

ESPECIALLY when searching for paprika, for some reason.”

10. Better be ready.

“Competitive swimming.

Swimming 100 meters in water is honestly like running a whole mile when you’ve never swam like that before.”

11. Hockey takes a lot of practice.

“I know how to roller skate, even ice skated with figure skates. I can skateboard, mountain bike, ski, wake board and water ski.

When I laced up some hockey skates and tried to even resemble skating like a hockey player it blew my mind how difficult it was. Insanely hard.

I gained a new respect for hockey and how those players can automatically move effortlessly while controlling the puck with a stick. Absolutely awesome.”

12. The cooking blues.

“Honestly, cooking.

When I watched my mom I always thought ”oh well, what’s there to learn? Just throw some stuff together and bam, done.”

Here I am, 29 years later with a cold, not having a single clue how to make homemade chicken-soup.

Also yes, called mom for it. It was delicious.”

13. Keep at it!

“Playing the harmonica.

I can get my mouth to the right spots at the right times, but controlling my breathing proved far harder than I expected.”

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