What Do People Pretend to Like? Here’s What Folks Had to Say.

I had a friend who used to constantly say that he thought people only pretended to like coffee and jazz…

Yeah, he was kind of an idiot, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right?

Let’s hear from folks on AskReddit about what they think people only pretend to like.

1. God Save the Queen.

“In the UK it’s definitely the Queen.

I know people who are “in grief” right now, but have made gross jokes at her expense in the past.

The monarchy is just a really expensive joke at this point.”

2. Getting old…

“The Walking D**d.

Yea zombies are cool and what not but I can think of 4 times off the top of my head that they could have just let the show d** like a normal series.

After the gangs 70th close call or bring betrayed for the 15th time in a season you think everyone would just go ahead and be d**d.”

3. Let’s just be quiet.

“Small talk.

I understand the necessity for it, but some people just can’t get past it, so you end up having to engage in superficial things.

As an introvert, I seek to understand others on a deeper level. In a way, small talks are oftentimes closer to interrogations rather than conversations.”

4. Is this fun?

“Working out and eating healthy.

I’m trying to lose weight and can’t understand how anyone finds this s**t fun.”

5. Anyone?


There is no f**king way people enjoy that fermented fruit juice.”

6. Exhausting.

“Christmas/Thanksgiving gatherings.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful family with no embarrassing relatives, but it is exhausting to pretend to be in a good mood and have forced holiday cheer for several hours.”

7. Fired up.


I am convinced at this point that Starbucks has been just clever enough through it’s marketing, branding, cozy atmosphere and the public love/obsession of coffee that they hit almost all demographics of interest in just a subtle enough way that people go even though they don’t want to.

A coffee shop is a great place for a first date, small business meeting, time k**ling conversation with friends, bible study (if you’re into that sort of thing) and many other little events. They found a need to be filled for people to “hang out” essentially out of the house and not feel f**king awkward as f**k just sitting around with a drink in their hands.

Especially if people don’t want to go to bars but want to do this. Their coffee really isn’t that good and their snacks absolutely suck and it’s overpriced like crazy. No one likes this s**t unless its flavored to d**th.”

8. I disagree.

“Long walks on the beach.

How is wading through hot grains romantic?!? Or sinking in it with every step? Yes I know you can walk on the wet sand and it’s easier, but then you have wet feet, wet clothes, and then you walk through dry sand get sand all over your feet.

The list goes on…”

9. Not for everyone.


Who the hell enjoys sleeping on the cold ground, with rocks poking into their spine, not showering, p**ping in the woods, hauling things out of a cooler to cook, and finally BEARS.”

10. Amen!

“The religion they were forced from birth to follow.

The one true faith just happens to be the one your parents or overzealous relative foisted upon you?

That’s awfully convenient.”

11. Might be right…


More males than you realize aren’t really that into sports but pretend they are.”

12. You have to try this one!

“Every time I’ve tried wine of any kind i can’t stand it, so I’m going with that.

It would be hilarious to find out an entire industry was built around it and everyone is just pretending to like it to seem fancy.”

13. Acquired tastes.

“Teenagers and young people tend to pretend they enjoy beer or coffee. Both are bitter AF.

They are very good, but it takes awhile to get used to them. They just drink it because they think is cool, but the majority of them don’t like the taste.

After a time, they start to enjoy it, but it takes several years until that happens.”

What do you think people pretend to like?

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