What Do You Wish More People Realized? Here’s How Folks Responded.

Hindsight is 20/20 and everyone is raised differently depending on where you grew up and who your parents are, but there are still a lot of things that we wish most people realized about life and the world.

Are you ready to see some examples of what I’m talking about?

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Yup.

“Loving someone doesn’t mean that they’re good for you.

Fell in love with a woman with some serious mental health issues. Part of me feels awful for her. But part of me can’t get over all that she put me through…..I still love her and I think she loves me too but I know we can’t be together.

And that’s where it ends.”

2. Just need some rest.

“That sometimes when I say “I’m tired,” I’m not hiding anything.

I really am just tired.”

3. It’s hard.

“How hard finding good friends is.

Something people don’t tell you about loneliness is that it isn’t just feeling sad and missing people. It does stuff to your mental health that you can’t imagine.

I’ve struggled to find meaningful friends like I did back when I was in highschool. I’m in a relationship with woman who I do truly love but as time goes on, I can’t shake the feeling that eventually we won’t be as compatible. I have a few friend groups I see, but I haven’t connected with anyone in such a long time. To make matters worse, I work in HR so it’s hard for me to develop friendships at work.

While I’m over the “missing connections” stage I’ve entered into the angry stage. I’m angry/irritable way more often now. I am becoming paranoid and read into things that I know aren’t there. I get nervous all the time thinking people are judging me and being like “it’s my hair.

That’s why they don’t like me. I should have combed my hair. If I had combed it a little better I’d have more friends” stupid s**t like that. It’s silly when I write it, but when I experience it, it feels very real. Without anyone close to me to bounce my anxiety off of, it has progressed and I’m struggling to find meaningful ways of coping.

They also don’t warn you about the “desperate” stage either. Anyone who shows you the slightest friendly gesture, you end up talking their ears off and running them away with your over familiarity. I also worry that the minute I go more than 2 days without hearing from a friend, thay they’ve moved on and found a better one.

This is the loneliest I’ve ever been and I h**e it. Ive dealt with so much in my life, drug addiction, abusive parents, poverty, but nothing has hurt like loneliness and the depression it brings. I’m sorry for unloading all of this, it’s just all hitting me at the moment.”

4. Be kind.

“The tree remembers, the axe forgets.

What you do and say has an impact on people, especially those close to you.”

5. Both of these.

“Personal hygiene is important.

On a similar, but opposite note, there is such a thing as too much perfume.”

6. Might be time to leave.

“Work is just work, not your life.

If the one you have makes you miserable there’s always another one out there.”

7. Love.

“Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you’re the right person for them.

Fell in love with my best friend. Great listener, always helping each other out. A connection I never had with anyone else.

And as much as I would love to be with her, I know on certain levels we wouldn’t work out.

We have different career paths in mind, different views on having kids, different views on s**.

It really hurts as I haven’t felt this way with anyone else, but in the end I want the best for her, and I know I’m not the right guy for her.”

8. Take the time to listen.

“If you stop thinking about what you want to say next and listen to the person talking your interactions will improve.”

9. Good advice.

“That just because you’re stressed or angry at something it doesn’t mean you have to take it out on everyone around you.

Look for help.”

10. This is important.

“Depression may not look like you expect it to.

It isn’t limited to being sad and crying. Sometimes it comes out as anger, frustration, and becoming easily annoyed. It could also make you feel numb and apathetic, with no real feelings of sadness or happiness.

Depression is nothing to feel ashamed of. Our brains are incredibly complex, and sometimes it can use a little assistance.”

11. Thank you!

“When you go to places where you have to wait in line, be prepared when you get to the front.

If you’re at the grocery store have your coupons and reusable bags ready to go, when you’re at the post office have your package properly addressed, when you go to the bank have your ID and transaction ready.

It helps things go smoother and it’s very appreciated.”

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