What Does Your Job Let You Do That Would Otherwise Be Illegal? People Responded.

Back in the summer of 2004, I spent five weeks working on the set of Batman Begins.

I was part of the catering crew and we had a small Gator vehicle that we were allowed to drive all over downtown Chicago to deliver food to workers who were scattered around blocks and blocks that were shut down by the police at night.

Let’s just say that if we tried any of those antics any other time, we’d be in big trouble.

But, hey, it was one of the perks of the job…and it was a lot of fun flying down those city streets in the middle of the night with no one else in sight.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they’re allowed to do at their jobs that would otherwise be illegal.

Start now!

1. I’ll take that.

“Go into privately owned businesses and walk out with equipment that costs tens of thousands of dollars without paying.

I repair and service specialized machinery.”

2. Demolition!

“Go into people’s homes and just start wrecking s**t.

Breaking furniture, punching holes into walls stuff like that. When other people do it, it’s called vandalism and they get jail time.

When I do it, it”s called demolition and I get paid $18 an hour to do it…I love my job…”

3. Bring the pain.

“Hurt people.

People pay me well to hurt them.

I’m a dentist.”

4. Not everyone is a fan.


I work for a surveyor and in the interests of legal property ownership, we are allowed to go into your property to investigate for property markers.

Some people don’t like this.”

5. Go wherever you want.

“I get to climb water towers. Well that’s not a great example, I’m out of shape and scared of heights. But the view is amazing.

Also, I work for a utility company that has a pretty generic name. So when I’m wearing my uniform shirt, company name/my name, I can go just about anywhere I want.

Employees only? Authorized personnel only? Screw you, I’m with the utility company. Backstage at a concert? I’m just checking the plumbing.”

6. Breaking in.

“When I worked for a bankruptcy trustee, I would break in to offices at night and make copies of hard drives of executives to look for hidden financial information or communications that impugn the claims made by corrupt debtors.

One time, I was sent into a huge networks operation center down in Miami. The trustee had coordinated with the head of security without the debtor-owner’s knowledge to secure my access.

I showed up with my laptop, tool bag, and flashlight, and the head of security handed me a security card and said, “This will get you access to anywhere in the building. If anyone asks you what you’re doing, you have them radio me.” It felt very covert, and was by far the most badass thing I did as part of that job.

Oh, and I found a locked QuickBooks file that we cracked and pinned the shitbag for embezzling a bunch of money while trying to stiff creditors. It was glorious!”

7. Meter man.

“It’s punishable by law to do anything to the outside electric meters, however, since I’m the maintenance guy, I occasionally have to remove them,cutting the tamper seal and replace the 100 amp breaker.”

8. Let’s have a party!

“I have loads of THC oil in my closet and safe.

I make CBD product but before the oil is blended into a tincture or cream the THC content can be as high or higher than 4% which is considered marijuana.

I could probably get 2,000,000 people stoned with the stuff I have in my closet.”

9. Takin’ it all off.

“Public indecent exposure.

I’m a stripper.”

10. Got all the info.

“Having access to half of my towns social security number, drivers license number, address, family members, occupation, tax info, retirement accounts, and bank account information.

I also have access to the state treasury, safe deposit boxes, and can technically write checks in anyone’s name.

If there is something I want to know about someone, I can find it within minutes.”

11. Fire safety.

“Break down doors and access any property that may be on fire.

Also commandeer any vehicles as needed for the extinguishing of fire.

Never done either, though.”

12. Sounds rough.

“I get to stab people and take their blood.

I get to shove tubes inside of them.

I get to break ribs.”

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