What Facts Can Actually Save Lives? Here’s What People Said.

That’s a real lifesaver!

People like to throw that phrase around from time to time, but they’re usually referring to a new hot sauce or something pretty insignificant.

But today we’re about to some tips that can actually be considered lifesavers.

AskReddit users shared facts that might save lives.

Let’s take a look.

1. Get that checked out.

“If you see someone hit their head and lose consciousness for any period, or shows any confusion (repeating words and phrases is common), they need a hospital visit.

We don’t sleep off concussions now.”

2. Protect your feet.

“When on a plane, have your shoes on for take-off and landing.

Statistically they’re the most dangerous times and you don’t want to be trying to escape in bare feet (think fire, or sliced aluminum).”

3. Trust your gut.

“Trust your instincts in an unusual situation.

If something feels risky, unusual, or dangerous – well, it probably is.

Four billion years of evolution gave us our survival instincts and since they’re usually “run away!” they’re unlikely to make the situation worse.”

4. Don’t do that!

“If you have a grease fire on your stove, do NOT try to put it out with water or move the pan. It can spread the flames even more.

If you can, turn off the heat source. You can put it out by smothering it with a lid, dumping salt or baking soda on it, or use a fire extinguisher if necessary.”

5. Be aware of this.

“If one of your depressed friends suddenly starts acting really happy or peaceful, don’t leave them alone.

When suicidal people have a plan and are about to kill themselves, it can make them feel relieved which can make it look like their depression is getting better.”

6. Tell them everything.

“If you are taken to the hospital and the doctors ask you if you have taken any drugs don’t just think about the illegal stuff also tell them if you’ve had small things like Advil or Tylenol it could save your life.”

7. Yikes.

“If you’ve been stabbed, don’t pull out the knife.

That very knife could mean the difference between life and death.

The knife is blocking the blood from leaking out, preventing you from bleeding out.”

8. Scary stuff.

“If you ever find yourself in a car that has driven into a body of water where your vehicle will sink, roll the windows down immediately and get out asap.

If you leave them up, the pressure of the water outside your car will make opening the doors very difficult and the battery may short out afterwards so the option will go away. Then you’d need to break the windows or push out the windshield, neither of which are easy, especially on limited oxygen.

If the windows are open water can get in, but that equalizes the pressure so you can still open the door easily and get out in time.

You can try to break the window with the headrest, your seatbelt buckle or anything else you might have on hand, but it’s probably a better first choice to just put the window down while the motor is still working.”

9. FYI.

“If your vomit looks like coffee grounds, you may have internal bleeding.

Head straight to the hospital.”

10. Look it over.

“If you’re staying in a hotel room, take a look at the escape route diagram on the back of the door before you go to bed.

Even if it’s just to think “I need to turn left” or “Either way leads to an escape”.”

11. Stay on the line.

“When needing 911 but you can’t speak due to danger or what have you, call and remain silent on the line.

The operator after first answering and repeating their answer a second time will go silent.

They are listening for verbal and background cues. If they hang up thinking it’s a pocket dial don’t despair call back, the system will log it as a call back.

The operator after listening will then go into a non-verbal call. They will ask you to press a button if you have an emergency and cannot speak. Press the key they ask for, go through the call answering using the non-verbal options.

They are all trained to do this and often police will arrive in “silent” dispatch to not endanger you further.

They are coming, stay on the call and keep pressing the keys as applicable.”

12. Get down.

“Crawl out of a burning building, breathing as close as possible to the floor as you move.

Toxic smoke rises while air remains more breathable nearest the floor.”

13. Ugh!

“If you have to eat crickets or similar insects, chew them. DO NOT EAT THEM ALIVE.

They have spines on their legs which can cling to your throat and are very difficult to remove without a decent amount of force (i.e. you cant “shake” your throat like you would your hand to remove them). If they block your wind pipe, youll asphyxiate.

I used to work at a pet store, I’ve had to explain this to quite a few people who wanted to do “Fear Factor” parties or dares or pranks.”

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