What Green Flag Did You Experience on a First Date That Made You Want to Go Out With Someone Again? People Responded.

First dates can go a few different ways: they can be boring, they can be dreadful, or they can be full of promise and make you want to see someone again.

And today we’re going to focus on the third category because AskReddit users talked about the green flags they noticed on first dates that made them want to go out with someone again.

Let’s take a look!

1. Anywhere is good.

“I asked if she wanted to go to MDonalds and split some fries because that’s all I could afford at the time.

She said sure, we talked a long time and split a large fries and she was so chill about it. She wanted to be with me, anywhere would have been ok…. I knew if she was willing to go out with a broke and struggling me, she would also be willing to build a life with me from the ground up.

We have been married 35 years, through ups and downs, kids, sickness, wealth and poverty.”

2. Nice guy.

“I was new to the area, we met at a restaurant in a town I wasn’t familiar with.

Had a great date but when I went to go home in my car, he noticed I accidentally turned on the service road instead of the highway. He followed me and flagged me down to let me know I’d gone the wrong way.

This was long before cell phones and gps and I didn’t have a map of the area, I would have been super lost in the middle of the night. I was like, wow this is a super nice guy! That was 22 years ago and we’re still together.”

3. LOL.

“He took me to an amateur stand up comedy night. He was heartily laughing at all the jokes. They were so bad. So not funny at all.

I was planning to not go on another date with him because he obviously has a bad sense of humor. As we were walking to the car he commented how bad everyone was, but he wanted to encourage them so he laughed at everyone’s jokes.

We’ve been married for 12 years now.”

4. Books are good!

“Among other things we talked about books, and at some point I asked for some recommendations. He said he had to think about it, but I didn’t expect him to actually do.

The next day he texted me a list of his favorite books, showing that he had been really thinking about me and that he didn’t care about those weird texting rules (that you shouldn’t text the day after a date so you won’t seem too eager)

Also just the fact that he wanted to talk about books…”

5. Good conversation.

“We talked about everything and the conversation never dulled.

Everyone at the party left and we were the only two people there and didn’t realize it for a while.

25 years later and were still at it!”

6. A real gentleman.

“When we sat down, he told me that he would pay and not to worry, since he asked me out.

When we left the cafe and he asked me for a walk and we went for one, he listened closely to me because at the end, he asked me if I would be comfortable if he brought me home since I mentioned being followed and cat-called by guys.

And he waited for me to reach out for a hug in the end – and even better was the way he asked for a kiss. We hugged and he was like “Ah, always that uncertainty about a kiss on the first date.” That was the moment I knew he would not mind if I said no.

But I said yes.

Yeah, was a gorgeous first date. Glad to have had that experience at least once so far.”

7. That’s cute.

“It was my first time going into the city by myself; I’d seen a Facebook post online for an event with alternative music (emo, punk-rock), and thought “Ah, what the hell, I’ll check it out”.

I knew no one there, the event went late into the night, and I’d only just moved here from living in country towns all my life. I didn’t even know how I was supposed to order a drink (had to ask the bartender, who thankfully wasn’t judgemental and told me about tabs and some common drinks).

I’d been wandering around for a bit looking absolutely lost, when this guy came up to me and said, “you look lonely”.

He brought me over to his friend group, and I ended up hanging out with them for quite a while. Unfortunately I was also completely unaware of my own alcohol tolerance, and ended up feeling very tired. I was falling asleep on this guy, until the staff came over and told me I had to leave as they didn’t want me passing out there.

He came with me, offering to make sure I got onto the train safe, and it turned out we lived within 20 minutes walk of each other, so he came with. He walked me right up to the door, then walked home in the dark alone, messaging me the next day to make sure I was okay.

Unfortunately I didn’t see how sweet he was at the time, but eventually, we got together, and he has stayed with me through so much crap in life.

We have been together around two and a half years now.”

8. Fun and games.

“We had so much fun. Laughed the whole time.

At the end he bought silly string and we chased each other around a parking lot with it like we were the only people on the planet.”

9. Let’s do it again.

“Asking me out on the second date while on the date. Showed he was interested, and that pattern of vulnerability persisted into a marriage.

His communication is still unparalleled, and I’m still surprised how many details he can remember about me/us.”

10. Would you look at that?!?!

“She saw a hummingbird start to circle some flowers on the patio we were dining on and had to pause the conversation to just watch the little guy.”

11. Let’s eat!

“Was just laid off the week before our second date, called her to cancel, I was down and unsure about my next move.

She asked me what kind of pizza I fancy, one hour later she’s at my doorstep with pizzas and beer to cheer me up.

Married 12 years.”

12. Make a day of it.

“Took her out for coffee. We ended up staying for lunch, and then getting dinner. We talked for eleven hours.

We’ve been married twelve years. We can still talk for hours.”

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