What Hits Different at 3 A.M.? Here’s What People Said.

You know what I think hits different in the middle of the night?

Hearing noises on my back porch!

I know it’s probably just a squirrel or a branch falling from the sky, but that sure does creep me out…so I end up hiding under the covers until the sun comes up.

That’s perfectly normal behavior, right?

Check out what AskReddit users think hits differently at 3 a.m.

1. Gotta go.

“Late in pregnancy I would wake up at 3 AM in physical pain because the baby left no room for my bladder to continue to expand.

I would roll out of bed, limp to the bathroom, and then be fine after. Definitely hit different though…”

2. Boom!

“The Waffle House.

Waffle House doesn’t taste right until the clock strikes 3 AM…”

3. Nice and relaxing.

“The drive home when it’s still warm, windows down, no one else on the road.”

4. Not a fan.

“Dogs barking.

Nuisance during the day.

Ominous at night.”

5. Ahhhhhh.

“The cold side of the pillow.

I love to switch my pillow upside down, and that cold crisp pillow make my 5 minutes that I am awake, then I forget it in the morning.”

6. I love it!

“A thunderstorm with lots of lighting, wind, and thunder.

As a homeowner it fills me with dread.”

7. Run for the border.

“Taco Bell.

That’s what I get when I can’t sleep.

Just having something warm sit in my stomach late at night makes me want to sleep.”

8. All by yourself.


As a middle-aged man, nothing hits harder than recognizing your own solitude in the wee hours.

Especially if you desire companionship.”

9. A whole vibe.

“Walking around a city, especially in commercial neighborhoods that aren’t especially busy at that time of night.

It’s a vibe.”

10. A good tune.

“Maybe this won’t make sense to anyone but me, but I heard “America” by Simon and Garfunkel for the first time at 3 am and it remains one of the most profound and beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.”

11. I can picture it.

“The fog and humidity as you drive into town.

The wide reaching amber lights of the prison you once worked at as you drive aimlessly. You’re craving a pizza, it’d hit the spot but nothing is gonna be open in this small town.

Blinking yellow intersection lights and the immense solitude. Warm temperatures, warm colors and warm thoughts with an atmosphere that is just so cold.”

12. Uh oh.

“One time I got woken up by someone ringing my doorbell at this time. They pressed the doorbell slowly at first and gradually kept pressing the button faster and faster. Thought I wasn’t gonna make it past that night.

After this went on for a few minutes, I called the cops. Could tell by the operators slightly annoyed voice that she assumed it might be someone I knew but I lived alone, wasn’t dating anyone, was not expecting anyone, and it was way too disturbing of behavior for that to be anyone I know. Operator was nice enough to stay on with me for comfort, she could hear the bell.

At one point the crazy f**ker was just mashing the button. And of course… It stopped when the cops arrived and they were displeased at arriving to an empty scene at like 4am lol. I’ll never know what made someone pick my door and do that, but at least it never happened again.”

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