What Immediately Ended a Friendship for You? People Shared Their Stories.

Hey, sometimes you just have to END IT.

I’m talking about friendships that explode and burn out like a supernova and end immediately because one person (or maybe both people) just couldn’t take it anymore.

Yeah, it’s not fun, but once in a while it just has to be done.

And these AskReddit users shared their stories about how their friendships ended in a heartbeat.

Let’s take a look.

1. Betrayed.

“My best friend (or so I thought) of 10 years, with which I’d been friends throughout school.

His mother sent my father a message after we both started high school in different schools and stated that he no longer wished to be my friend and that I shouldn’t contact him again.

That felt like the worst betrayal ever for me and has left me with trust issues into adulthood. I always feel like everyone will turn on me one day, and I judge people for it in advance.”

2. Left out.

“He was my best man at my wedding.

I didn’t even get notified of his own wedding until a month or two after it had happened.

I didn’t even know he was seeing anyone.”

3. Over and done with.

“One of my closest friends (36f) lied to my daughter (13f) to upset her, refused to get out of my apartment when she asked (i was gone at the store and my friend had let herself in without knocking), shoved my daughter and then had the audacity to call the sheriff and try to get my daughter arrested when she defended herself.

I got home in the middle of all of this and she was cussing and lunging at my daughter while holding my son (6m) hostage. Nope. No. Hell no! Friendship ended immediately.”

4. Always a victim.

“I realized that everything they did was for attention.

Specifically, they needed to be the victim in every scenario. Even in cases where there did not need to be a victim. There were no breaks on their mental gymnastics either. Delivery late? It’s because he’s too a good a person to function in this sick and uncaring world.

He also had this habit of convincing everyone that his problems are life-and-d**th and then publicly acting like they aren’t a big deal, thus making everyone stupid enough to care look like hysterical jacka**es.

Whatever he’s up to now, I’m sure he’s exactly where I left him: squalling in a cocoon made from his trust fund.

I do not tolerate perpetual “victims” anymore.”

5. That’ll do it.

“Unrequited debts spoil things  in a hurry.

Don’t loan money to friends, just give it to them.”

6. Where it all started.

“This happened in primary school so we were still kids but it still hurts thinking about it.

My best friend (basically only friend at the time) came to me during lunch break and told me she now has another friend and no longer wants to spend time with me.

Maybe that’s the origin of my trust issues…”

7. Ugh.

“Smoked a joint with a “friend”.

It was laced with PCP and he knew it.


8. Disrespected.

“Spoke to me in a way I’d never think to speak to them and showed very little interest in resolving the matter.

I felt disrespected. I regrettably ended our 20 year friendship because although I had no hate towards her, I knew I could no longer be her friend.

My tolerance for disrespect is at ground zero.”

9. Uh oh…

“Watched American History X with them, and they came away from it with the opposite of the lesson you’re supposed to.”

10. Bums.

“I grew older, finished school, got a job.

They stayed bums just s**king, drinking, doing drugs. Never grew up and we had less and less in common. Dealbreaker was when one of them borrowed money from me because he had “emergency”. Turned out it was used for a drug fuel road trip. Found out because they got arrested and called me to bail them out.

This was in the middle of the week and I was at work. Couldn’t make it. When we met again, they apologized for lying about needing the money and not inviting me (not that I would’ve gone).

They would definitely pay me back. Obviously never saw the money again, but already cut off contact. It was a payment on a lesson learned.”

11. We have a problem.

“Have a coworker I used to get along with pretty well

. I thought he was a cool dude until he told me that he went through an envelope from our employer that was addressed to me.

Then he hit me with the “she was asking for it the way she was dressed” when discussing a victim of s**ual a**ault and that was the point I decided I had a problem with him.”

12. Gross.

“He threatened to leak nudes of his ex girlfriend (a minor who was still in her junior/senior year of high school, he and I were 19 and had recently graduated) and after telling him I’d report him to the police.

He deleted them and after showing proof the photos were deleted, I told him “Good. Now don’t you ever talk to me or her again, you fu**ing creep.” and I’ve never heard from him again, and his ex is doing well for herself now.”

13. Hell no.

“Once I obtained full medical licensing, I was hit up to send prescriptions of controlled substances to him in Florida for his recreational use.

That was the last conversation, ever.”

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