What Industry Do You Hope Won’t Exist in Ten Years? Here’s What People Had to Say.

Well, this promises to be an interesting conversation!

Because if there’s anything that gets people fired up, it’s what they perceive to be injustice or illegal, shady activities.

So let’s hear from folks on AskReddit about the industries they hope aren’t around ten years from now.

They’re everywhere.

“Pyramid schemes and MLMs.

The amount of FB posts I see that are like “join my book exchange! Send 6 books, get 36 back!” (Variations include wine bottles, kids toys, etc)… tells me pyramid schemes are not going anywhere, because people are not smart enough to realize these are LITERALLY the definition of a pyramid scheme.”

Look it up.

“Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Look them up.

They’re basically bloodsucking middlemen that sit between hospitals and health insurers. Supposedly created to control prescription drug costs and manage formularies, but they actually drive prices up.

One of the many terrible causes of high medical costs in the states.”

Not very popular these days.

“The concert ticket Mafia.

TicketMaster / StubHub / LiveNation.

F**k them.”

Scary stuff.

“The Troubled Teen Industry.

Look up Nexpos video on Elan school and you’ll see what I mean.

Ab**ing minors for money shouldn’t be an industry.”


“Third party student loan “consultants”.

I used to work as a federal student loan collector for a Department of Education contractor. I have horror stories about borrowers who were purposefully deceived by these people, the worst of whom was someone who thought a consolidation she paid for completely eliminated her obligation.

What these legally grey a**holes do is trick people into paying to have free paperwork done on their behalf. Sure they have the tiny fine print disclosures, but they’re extremely predatory and make me sick.

Imo getting rid of them could be legislation worthy, given that they interfere with federally owned debts.”


“Mommy/Family vloggers. They’re sinister…

A podcast I listened to did a 7* episode deep dive and it was horrifying.

There needs to be laws to protect these exploited children and in 10-20 years we’re going to see a LOT of these kids telling their horror stories and suing their parents.”


“US tax prep.

Unnecessary middle man with artificially maintained necessity due to bribery.”

Pretty maddening.

“Everything to do with planned obsolescence.

Massive industry, disproportionately responsible for obscene levels of environmental damage.”


“Car dealerships.

Give me my d**n direct to consumer sales.

D**th to the sleazy middle-men!”


“The trio of exploitative industries that specifically prey on human suffering:

Privatized prisons

Privatized healthcare

Privatized utilities.”


“Everything needing wifi. I bought a scale the other day that needed wifi before it could read my weight. I

have a PS5 with all the media apps I need, give me the option for a dumb TV.

My washer, dryer, fridge and oven also shouldn’t need wifi to be able to do basic operations.

Samsung as a company is driving me up the f**king wall lately.”

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