What Lessons Do Kids Today Need To Learn? People Shared Their Thoughts.

I think every generation thinks that the one that comes after them is weak, soft, and stupid.

It’s just the way the world works!

But still, there are always things that teenagers aren’t ready to hear.

Let’s see what people on AskReddit had to say about today’s teens.

1. Boom!

“Just because it’s new to you doesn’t mean it’s new.

One of the more embarrassing things you realize as your perspective widens in college is how often adults were just humoring you as you explained things about the world as though they hadn’t been common knowledge for half a century.”

2. It’s not reality.

“10 years from now, no one will care about how many viewers you had on TikTok.

Social media is not reality and your life shouldn’t revolve around it.”

3. It happens in a flash.

“You’re closer to being the “older” person in any given setting than you think. And by “old” I mean like 30.

Got nieces and nephews just starting kindergarten? Haha. Blink and they’re starting college.”

4. Believe that.

“It is perfectly fine to not know something. It’s OKAY to not know!

Stop shaming and b**lying people because you learned about something before they did.

Social media is not the real world and acting like it is will only make people not want to be around you.”

5. Not worth it.

“In the adult world, getting into fights doesn’t make you look cool, it just makes you look stupid.

And one wrong fight can leave you brain damaged or on trial for manslaughter.”

6. Good one.

“Early successes at this stage in your life won’t necessarily give you an advantage later, but early failures will likely hold you back significantly.

Basically getting straight As in high school will leave you closer to the mean than failing a number of classes.”

7. A trial run.

“Everything in your life right now is a trial run. High school is meant to teach you how to learn, how to communicate, and how to deal with other people. That’s it.

High school doesn’t last forever and it doesn’t really mean anything. You most likely won’t marry whoever you’re dating right now. And that’s ok. Most romantic relationships you have will probably fail because you are young and you are both learning how to communicate, and figuring out what you what/need in a relationship.

Enjoy this time of awkward growth – it’s the last time you’ll be able to be “a kid” and not have to worry about adult issues (unless you’re unlucky and were dealt a s**t hand in life). Be humble, patient, and kind. I’m rootin’ for ya.”

8. You’ll be fine.

“That heartache you’re going through? It consumes everything now but it will be nothing but a footnote in the future. You’ll rarely think about it later – & when you do, it won’t hurt you.

It’s hard to hear that your pain isn’t the worst in the world when you’re feeling it. But it does help to know that it won’t mean as much as it does in this moment.”

9. Do it!

“Wear earplugs at concerts.


Loud music is great but so is being able to hear when you’re 30.”

10. Truth bomb.

“You’re probably not going to get to play video games for a living.

The amount of streamers making money worth talking about is so so low compared to the number that try.”

11. This is 100% true.

“We adults are mostly just winging it.

Hopefully learning from the TONS of mistakes we make, but still winging it.”

12. Listen closely…

“Putting every aspect of yourself online is unsafe.

Nobody needs to know your list of triggers or your address or your blood type.”

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