What Movie Do You Think Is a Masterpiece? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Gosh, I sure do love movies.

Old ones, new ones, silent, talkies, black and white, color, all kinds!

And along the way, I’ve made my own little list of movies that I think are total masterpieces…

Let’s hear from folks on AskReddit about the movies they think fit into that category.

1. A classic.


No contest, my favorite movie of all time.”

2. Clint at his best.

“The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

For its cinematography, soundtrack and storyline.”

3. I’ll be back.

“Terminator 2 was life changing for little kid me. Almost all female related content was friendly or safe.

I fell in love with Linda Hamilton’s chin-ups and shotgun.

Imagine my inconsolable rage when I finally saw the first one and I realized she was just going to be scared through the whole movie instead of k**l s**t.

T2 forever!”

4. Beautiful.

“The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

All of them, just beautifully filmed, perfectly cast and expertly put together.

I don’t think we’ll ever get something as good as that again.”

5. Groundbreaking.

“Jurassic Park (1993).

The movie delivered well on its promise to show us dinosaurs.”

6. Have you seen it?

“No Country for Old Men.

Cormac McCarthy is one of the greatest American authors of all time, and yet the Coen Brothers adaptation is better than the novel. And the coin flip scene at the gas station? Incredible.

Fun fact: there is no music or soundtrack in NCFOM.”

7. A great one!

“John Carpenter’s The Thing.

A masterpiece of horror, suspense, and special effects that have yet to be beaten.”

8. Yes!


“This man needs a hospital!”

“A hospital? What is it?”

“It’s a big building with a lot of patients in it. But that’s not important right now.””

9. An important film.

“Schindler’s List.

The only film that has enough power over me to get perspective in life, whats important, and how small good deeds are the epitome of the butterfly effect – small deeds always ripple into something bigger.

Sometimes we get desensitized to all the evil around us but this film just resets the empathy meter and reminds us not to make the same mistakes. Hard to watch, hard to watch for a reason, but absolutely crucial.”

10. One word: Scorsese.


Best beginning + ending combo to a movie in movie history.

The end where the late Ray Liotta breaks the fourth wall (and remains talking directly to the audience for the rest of the movie – because he’s in our world) gives me chills every time.”

11. Very moving.

“Children of Men.

The scene where they carry out the crying baby and all the soldiers stop fighting.

Jaws dropped in awe…..major goosebumps.”

12. Amazing!


Back in 1960, Janet Leigh was a major star. The movie was promoted as a Janet Leigh Movie. Theaters also were encouraged to not let people in after the start of the film.

And then. You watch the movie. And for 20-25 minutes. It’s a Janet Leigh movie.

But no. It’s not about her. The movie is about him.


13. Totally.

“Back to the Future.

Almost no shots are wasted in that movie.

It’s kind of insane.”

What movie do you think is excellent?

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