What Offends People but Doesn’t Bother You? Here’s What People Said.

People sure do like to get offended these days, don’t they?

In fact, some people seem to make being offended by things their whole personality…and I personally don’t think that’s a good thing.

But that’s just me…

What offends people but doesn’t bother you?

Check out how AskReddit users responded.

1. You be you.

“Literally everything.

I don’t care if you are LBGTQ+, black, white, or purple. I don’t care if you are Muslim, Christian or CFSM. 420 friendly or not.

It has no affect on me. You be you.”

2. Nerd alert!

“Being called a nerd is an insult for like middle schoolers and high schoolers but not for adults.

I’m a huge nerd I’ll be the first to admit it.

Not afraid to say how passionate I am about math and science.”

3. You’re wrong!

“Grammar police.

People h**e them but they’re absolutely correct, and necessary.”

4. I pledge allegiance…

“Not doing the pledge of allegiance.

I think allegiance should come from true pride in a country and not mind-drilling indoctrination. I got harassed a lot in school for not standing up for the pledge but most schools stopped doing it so I think it’s a step in the right direction.

I like my country but a daily public display of my allegiance seems very North-Korean like.”

5. We’re still friends.

“I really don’t mind if you reply to my texts after months if it was just a random meme or something unimportant and not urgent.

Still friends. Chill out.

I only hope there are people out there who feel the same when I don’t reply for ages.”

6. No biggie.

“When someone let’s you know “their pronouns are they/them”.

I really don’t mind calling you the way you prefer to be called, I’m actually happy I can do a small thing that can help you feel a little better.

I don’t understand people getting offended by that… specially religious people! What would Jesus do? Just be kind first.

I’m an atheist and I also don’t mind your “I will pray for you” or “let’s pray for this food before eating”, that makes you feel better? I’m cool with that.”

7. Origin story.

“I don’t mind people asking me where I’m really from.

I like telling people about my grandparents’ refugee story. I’m very proud of that background.

My grandpa carried his wounded friend on his back whilst he was fleeing war and crossing borders. My grandma had golden coins sewn onto the inside of her dress when she escaped, the only valuables she could carry to rebuild her life.

She saw her father drown falling off the boat they escaped on. Stories help people understand. But I do also understand why others might find these questions offensive.”

8. LOL.

“Offensive jokes.

Rich, poor, black, white, male, female and all in between.

None of us are infallible, and life would be better if we learned to laugh at ourselves a little bit.”

9. It’s a good thing!

“Differing opinions.

Wait, you mean we can think differently from each other and still get along?”

10. All the same.


Some people would go as far as revolving their entire world pissing on the opposing party.

At the end of the day, politicians regardless of party are the same scum.”

11. What can you do?

“Crying babies/children.

I don’t care if I’m on a train plane or whatever, you can just put some headphones on.”

12. Appreciation.

“Most “cultural appropriation” is actually cultural appreciation.

I remember seeing this one video where a white man wore typical Mexican clothing.

The Americans said he was culturally appropriating and that he’s offending Mexicans, but the Mexicans thought he looked great.”

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