What Remained Attractive Through History Regardless of Trends? People Responded.

Some things are just cool and attractive no matter what year it is.

And that goes for fashion, music, and a number of other things that are just TIMELESS.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they think has remained attractive throughout history regardless of trends.

Take a look!

1. You know it.


For longer than we’ve had the written word, oral traditions of story and song have always praised any man or woman who looked good dancing.”

2. Sad, but true…

“Money and power.

Most body and fashion trends throughout history began because they were, in one way or another, indicators of wealth. “

3. You might be right.


Good, clear, unblemished skin.


4. Going way back.

“Well… there are b**b paintings in caves from years and years ago…

So, there’s that…”

5. On display.

“No matter what the style, color or fabric, clothing has always been the bright feathers of attractive humans putting on a display.”

6. The eyes and the mouth.

“Lining your eyes and adding color to your cheeks / lips.

Basically every culture does something with the eyes, the mouth, or both.”

7. Lookin’ sharp.

“Clothes that fit.

Baggy clothes and skin huggers go in and out but clothes that fit are always in.”

8. Nice and clear.

“Clear eyes.

The whiter the whites of your eyes, the more youthful and healthy you look.”

9. Lovely.


Man oh man, if you can sing, no matter the genre, its a lovely thing.”

10. Shiny stuff.

“Shells and shiny things.

All cultures have adorned themselves with jewelry, whether it’s metal, shell, stone, etc.

Like someone a lot? Give them a cool shiny stone.”

11. Peepers.

“Pretty eyes.

Everybody loves a nice set of peepers.”

12. Lids.


All throughout history, different forms of head wear have always signified things like wealth or power. When two armies fight each other, they usually are wearing different hats.

I firmly believe it all boils down to one group of hat wearers hating another hat, thus wars happen based on mutual hatred for said other hat, from usually some other place.

As George Carlin once said:

“You ever notice that? Any time you see two groups of people who really h**e each other, chances are good they’re wearing different kind of hats. Keep an eye on that, it might be important.”

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