What Should You Not Base Your Personality On? Here’s What People Had to Say.

Do you really have to base your personality around ONE thing?

I don’t think you do, but a lot of people out there sure seem to do that.

That being said, what do you think you should NOT base your entire personality on?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. So, you like Crossfit?

“As a Crossfitter I believe a multi dimensional personality will actually improve my abilities in Crossfit and help me to help other Crossfitters Crossfit better.”

2. Hmmm…

““My group of friends and I all relate to characters from That 70’s Show. I’m Hyde.” -My first conversation with a co-worker.

All I could think was “Way to infer you’re the cool guy here.” Also, Hyde would never say anything like that.”

3. I’m the smart guy.

“My brother in law was named as having the “highest IQ in (insert name of sh**ty small southern town)”

He never let that down. Constantly talked about it and bragged about it. What did it amount to, you ask?

He’s 30, works at Walmart and has been for years, he also has 5 kids in a two bedroom apartment. All he does is party and talk about the “good old days”. He rejected every option he had to be successful when he was young and now it’s too far gone.

So yeah, goes to show that having a “high IQ” doesn’t mean s**t if you don’t do anything with it.”

4. Get over it.

“Another person.

It’s not that I h**e romance or anything, but….I’ve seen a LOT of people become 100% obsessed with/centered around the person they’re dating, to the point where all their opinions become the same.

Like they suddenly don’t like any of the things/people/activities they used to because their bf/gf doesn’t like them. I’ve seen someone call it “turning into a two-headed person instead of a couple” and I’ve never seen a better way to explain it.”

5. So weird.


I had a guy flex his love for Puma to me last week.

He told me he was wearing 8 things from Puma and he “NEVER mixes brands.””

6. Just putting it out there.

“I appreciate people who have Monster decals on their cars and trucks because it’s a pretty good indicator they have no regard for my life or property.

Better to advertise it than have me find out the hard way.”

7. Pretty boring.

“H**e when all people are seeking is fellow stoners and different ways to get stoned and advertise as that being cool.”

8. One-dimensional.

“Your career/job.

You are more than what you do to put food on the table, and if you forget that, you lose sight of a lot of important things.”

9. More to life than that.

“Attractive/unattractive an individual is.

You’re so much more than just your looks don’t get caught up in what you see.”

10. Very strange.


My mother is in her 70s and had somehow managed to become a crypto bro. She goes to crypto talks, tries to pay with crypto currencies wherever possible etc.

It’s all she talks about. At least it’s keeping her brain active I suppose.”

11. Anything else?


I feel so sad for those people who have no stories to tell that don’t involve them getting wasted.”

12. Sad.

“I had to stop associating with a friend because he became incapable of not talking about Trump.

Every singly topic got steered that way, no matter what. It was frustrating and sad and even though I voiced my concerns he just couldn’t stop his obsession.

It was sad.”

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