What Was Ruined Because It Got Too Popular? Here’s What People Said.

You know that there are gonna be things that you got into before they became “cool.”

And sometimes those things get ruined because everyone and their mother decides to get into it…and it’s not very special anymore.

What got ruined because it got too popular?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Ruined.

“Mount Everest.

Watched a documentary the other day and there was a picture of 300 guys all log jammed in a single line trying to get up to the summit.

And THAT’S why I’ll never climb Everest. Definitely the only thing stopping me.”

2. Out of my way!

“In my area, hiking.

Everybody goes for their Instagram pics and have no respect for the trails or other hikers.”

3. ASMR.

“ASMR videos.

Some people put a lot of thought into what they are doing. But then a lot of failed Instagram models figured out that they could just look hot and make s**ual innuendos while whispering and get 500k views like it’s nothing.”

4. A lot of them out there.


Seemed like around five years ago every single person and their mom came out with a podcast.

There’s nothing I dislike more than watching a group of people talk over each other about nothing in particular for an hour.”

5. All cluttered up.


About 14 years ago it used to be a perfect tourist guide on interesting places, good to get know your or any city, and the nature around. Then all the interesting places got taken, and more and more insignificant caches appeared.

Like someone’s primary school, someone’s wedding cache, what were we doing in today’s IT lecture, or powertrails. So the map got cluttered with trash quality caches, and it got hard to use GC as a guide after that.”

6. That sucks.

“Car camping. I used to like the convenience of pulling my car into a campsite, setting up a base camp and day hiking all over an area.

Since the pandemic, everyone has found this one neat trick, but they don’t respect the natural environment. They bring in generators and high powered lights and big RVS and they try and turn the woods into someone’s backyard, or into a glamping experience.

Then they leave trash and literal s**t in the campground when they leave, because they can’t be bothered to respect their fellow campers or mother nature, or learn what a f**king dump station is for their black water tank.

I’m starting to invest in backpacking gear, because if this trend continues… car camping is ruined for good.”

7. Just follow the rules!

“National parks (and state parks, and local parks) could handle it if everyone made an effort to follow the few really easy and simple rules but I think we’ve pretty much demonstrated that’s an unreasonable expectation for society at this point.”

8. Yup.

“Streaming services. Remember when Netflix had literally everything? It was so cheap too.

Note they’ve effectively just turned streaming back into cable. Everyone has like 30 streaming services adding up to like $100 a month. It’s still better than cable, but not by much.

I also h**e how I keep having to see ads for (insert streaming service) originals that are the dumbest low effort shows literally nobody will ever watch.

“Have you seen that show about the colony?”

“Apples, HBO, or Amazons?”

It’s just exhausting.”

9. Is it good or bad?

“People flipping houses and acting like they are doing a service.

No, all you did was paint some walls and change some carpet. I could have done all that and saved 50k from your inflated priced.

But people keep on buying their houses kus everyone is like I gotta have a house just to have a house. Yes, housing is important but stop with the frenzied sight unseen.”

10. Annoying.

“Ironically, tourism.

I’ve been the The Louvre twice.

Both times the Mona Lisa was guarded by 40 tourists trying their very best to make sure you couldn’t get close enough.”

11. Slim pickins.

“Collecting old vinyl.

I got so much cool stuff in the late ’90s.

Now, you’re lucky to find anything that’s not Paul Anka or Neil Diamond.”

12. A popular place.

“Living in Colorado

It’s cool if you want to visit, but half the neighborhoods in Denver have become gentrified and are boring shells of their former selves now. Rent prices are astronomical and none of you can drive.

Locals are being priced out and then the newbies have the audacity to complain about homelessness. It’s dreadful.”

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