What Tattoo Would Make You Not Want to Date Someone? Here’s What People Said.

Sorry, ladies, if you have a Juggalo tattoo, I don’t think it’s gonna work out between us…

But that’s just me!

I’m sure you will find a great guy who enjoys all the things the Juggalo universe has to offer!

And I wish you luck!

But enough about me, let’s hear from AskReddit users about what tattoos would make them NOT want to date someone.

Take a look!

1. Oh, boy…

“Misspelled words.

Like “No Ragrets.”

2. Poor guy.

“Anything poorly drawn.

My ex was a hot guy. He got a wolf tattoo on his chest. Omg, it had crossed eyes and a fat weird face and for some reason pine trees embedded in the fur.

Ugh. Just, whyyy?

3. LOL.

“Random Chinese words on someone who has no idea what they even say.

My mom is Chinese, and she had to stop herself from laughing because she saw a woman with a giant tattoo on her back in Chinese that meant slut.”

4. Not a great idea.

“If you’re gonna have a forehead tattoo, it should say “POOR IMPULSE CONTROL”.

Because that’s really what all forehead tattoos say.”

5. Yikes.

“There’s a guy in my town I used to see all the time with a big swastika on his forearm.

He walks around with a 6″+ spiked bracelet on all the time to cover it.”

6. Stoned to the bone.

“A Ma**juana plant.

I like smoking weed myself and do often but I wouldn’t go as far as to tattoo it on me.

Those I’ve seen get it tatted on them normally revolve their whole personality around weed which is very dull.”

7. All correct.

“”Only God Can Judge Me” – No other tattoo more clearly screams, “I have a felony record.”

Area code neck tattoo – Usually sported by someone wearing huge basketball shorts and slides with socks.

Not a single tattoo but people like Adam Levine who looks like he stood in front of the flash wall and said, “I’ll take these.””

8. Calling yourself out.

“I have a tattoo on my wrist that says “rot in hell”.

I think that is probably the worst tattoo ever.”

9. Sad!

“Tattoos of Jesus.

His sad face is such a bummer at the dinner table.”

10. Wow.

“My ex got “bro, I’m straight up not having a good time” on her thigh months after we split.

Talk about a ego k**ler for the next guy.”

11. Not buying it.

“Tear drops under the eyes.

Never has and never will intimidate me.”

12. Not a good look.

“Letters on your fingers.

It just makes you look like a child who’s drawn on themselves while bored in class with whatever angsty teen mantra they have on their mind at the time.”

13. Got it all wrong.

“When people have tattoos of anchors with accompanying texts that says something can’t sink me.

The point of an anchor is that it sinks. Get tattoo of a buoy or a pool toy if you want something that doesn’t sink.”

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