What TV Show From Your Childhood Does No One Else Seem to Remember? People Responded.

I thought I was the only person who remembered the TV show from the 1980s called Small Wonder but I brought it up recently and a few people I was out with totally remembered that weird show…so I got nothin’…

What TV show from your childhood do you remember that no one else seems to?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts about this pressing question…

1. It’s real?

“A show called Hamtaro.

For the LONGEST time I distinctly remembered watching the show but couldn’t remember what it was called or anything else. I remember having a revelation in middle school and going “IT’S REAL???””

2. I think…

“Between the Lions!

It was a reading show.

I think on PBS in the early 2000s.”

3. Never heard of it.

“Ya’ll remember Bananas in Pajamas?

Everyone always thinks I’m crazy when I mention it.”

4. We’ll take your word for it.

“The Weekenders. One of my favourites as a kid. Think it never really got out of recess’ shadow but I prefered it.

Always thought it was crazy the characters actually wore different clothes instead of the static outfits on most other cartoons.

Definitely underrated nowadays and not enough people know about it.”

5. I’m not crazy!

“Anyone remember Stick Stickley on Nickelodeon?

I even remember the jingle but everyone I talk to looks at me crazy!”

6. Come again?

“The Angry Beavers.

People look at me like I’m a psycho when I mention it.”

7. Faint memories.

“The Noozles…

My own memories of it are faint, but there were some magic koalas and a fantasy land. And you “noozled” the nose of the stuffed koala to bring him to life.

And maybe they rode on rainbows or something like that? It aired on Nickelodeon in the late 80s/early 90s, but I think it was a Japanese import.

Even my sister, who I swear watched it with me, doesn’t remember this one.”

8. A real tearjerker.

“David the Gnome.

The last episode of David the Gnome still makes me cry 30+ years later!”

9. Ring a bell?

“Gullah Gullah Island!

Come and let’s play together, in the bright sunny weather. Lets all go to Gullah, Gullah Island.”

10. No idea.

“Anyone remember Out of this World?

It was a regular live action family sitcom about a teenage girl who was half alien with superpowers who could freeze time by touching her fingertips together.

It was a silly, stupid but great (at the time) show that incredibly ran for four seasons (1987-1991). Even at the time somehow nobody knew what I was talking about, let alone now 30+ years later.”

11. You are getting sleepy…

“Rupert and Little Bear!

Just hearing their names makes me sleepy.”

12. I remember this one!

“Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.

Kubiak was the best part of the show.”

Do you have any shows you remember that no one else does?

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