What Unfair Advantage Do You Have? People Spoke Up.

I understand the advantages I have in my life: I’m white, male, and grew up in a middle-class household.

That’s pretty advantageous in America, and I think we can all agree on that.

What advantages do you have?

AskReddit users got real about the unfair advantages they have in life.

1. No problem.

“I have a near-photographic memory.

Being an A student was pretty easy because I could remember almost everything I read.”

2. Timing is everything.

“I bought a house in Aug 2008.

Apparently the low point of housing crash was July 2008 so I missed it by a month.

Anyways the house has more than doubled in value since then.”

3. And you’re humble!

“My charisma is apparently off the charts.

People love me and I have absolutely no idea why. I’m awkward and never know what to say.

My wife says it’s not fair how effortlessly I get people to like me.”

4. Right in the middle.

“I’m not attractive enough to have things handed to me in life, but I’m also not unattractive to the point where people mistreat me based on my appearance.”

5. Very rare.

“My body is unable to store much fat for some reason, so no matter how much I eat and how little I exercise, I never become overweight.”

6. A friend to all.

“I can find common ground with almost anyone.

Strike up conversations with strangers and it’s not uncommon for me to get a hug or handshake from a complete stranger.

Makes me happy to think I can improve someone’s day… Truth is, they make me happy too.”

7. Great!

“I married a “no drama mama” who is my soul mate. No head games, no crazy jealous nonsense, no “tests” etc. Pushing 30 years together now.

No matter how rough things got, she’s been my rock. She’s not a spender, so that is a huge advantage there. When she finds a pair of (inexpensive, practical) shoes that fit her feet, I practically have to twist her arm to buy an extra pair or two.

When things got tight she kept us fed and healthy on next to nothing by knowing how to shop and cook on the cheap. Her idea of a vacation is renting a rustic cabin in the woods for a week.

I see what some guys go through with their SOs and realize just how lucky I am.”

8. Health is your only wealth.

“I have never been dependent on coffee .

I’ve never had a medical issue holding me back.

I naturally love fruits and veggies and h**e junk.”

9. I got this.

“I am a really fast learner and I never need to study. My parents also taught me how to work hard.

They both work in retail so around christmas they would be at work for 12 hours a day and my mom would come home and do computer work because she’s the only one in the company who can.

Does it suck that they missed some band concerts? Yeah. But working 8 hours a day is nothing for me.”

10. Pro tips.

“My dad is retired law enforcement so he taught me a lot on how to read body language and how to escape bad situations before they even happen.”

11. Born in the USA.

“Being born In America going to visit your dad’s home town in Mexico puts things into perspective real quick.”

12. That’s good.

“I always find money.

When I was a child I was going out with my parents and saw a wallet on the road beside the curb. That wallet was stuffed with bills. We turned it in of course- we are Canadian. The owner turned up and was very grateful that he had not lost his mortgage payment.

I was rewarded with a five dollar bill. I am here to tell you that 55 years ago that reward to a child was a fortune! Well since then I seemed to have developed a knack for finding “floating” money.

I have always had this thing where I look down when I walk. Well, not so much today because I am an adult with some self esteem, but back then…I just found a LOT of spare change. It was not at all strange for me to make 2 or three dollars a month in change. It doesn’t stop there however, because money can be made of paper too.

I am always finding 5’s, 10’s and 20’s. I just found a 20 two weeks ago while walking my dog by a tourist attraction. One time I was walking down the street on a windy day. Three 20’s came spinning in the wind and virtually threw themselves into my hand! I purchased an armoire off Craigslist that turned out to have $400 hidden under a drawer. I could go on.

Sigh. If only I was as lucky in love.”

What unfair advantage do you think you have?

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