What Unrealistic Things in Movies Drive You Nuts? Here’s What People Said.

The couple always ends up together in the end. The bad guy always gets it in the end. The underdog always wins.

The things listed above are all examples of things that happen all the time in movies and are totally unrealistic.

You know it’s true!

And some of these unrealistic Hollywood conventions really drive people crazy. Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this!

1. This is fun!

“Sprinklers going off indoors.

When this happens in the movies, people are super excited, laughing, jumping around and playing in the water like it is raining.

In reality, the water in those pipes is absolutely disgusting, dirty, smelly, black water that would make most people run like hell to get away from.

Source: I used to install sprinklers in buildings during my high school summers as a part time job.”

2. Doesn’t happen.

“I am 76 years old and have been buying things in stores since I was five.

I have never ever seen someone toss some money on a counter and say keep the change and then dash out with the purchase.”

3. Eyes on the road!

“I hate when someone is driving and they’re talking to the passenger without looking at the road for like 10 seconds at a time.”

4. Plain Jane?

“Everybody acting like the heroine is plain.

She’s wearing glasses and a baggy sweater and a ponytail, but her face is perfect, her teeth are perfect, her skin is perfect and she hasn’t got an ounce of fat anywhere.”

5. Totally unrealistic.

“Most fight scenes.

Bar fight, guy gets hit with six broken chairs, several bottles broken over his head, still gets up fine and fights off like twenty other guys.

Real fighting is the most physically exhausting thing you can do. Your average person would barely last a minute. Most street fights are one of two punches before they get winded. Athletes have to do insane amount of endurance training and conditioning to be able to fight. Three minutes in the ring will feel like a lifetime.

Beyond that, many such injuries will completely knock you out or be fatal. Again on the street if you punch someone, knock them out, and their head hits pavement, there is a fair chance you just killed them. Even then, most head injuries you just don’t get up and keep fighting from.

But because of Hollywood, every jack*ss thinks they can take on twenty guys at once or would do awesome in a fight.”

6. In the lab.

“I always enjoy watching lab scenes. People looking into microscopes that aren’t even turned on or plugged in.

No one has gloves on or their hair pulled back…. unrelated formulas scrolled on whiteboards.

And always, I mean all f*cking ways, if they are in a lab, be it a biology lab, physics, what have you…. there will be chemistry glassware too.”

7. Wrong!

“As a guy who works with computers, pretty much any computer scene – especially hacking scenes.

“If I bypass the firewall using a SQL protocol, I can load the XML into the CSS stack and update the database to cross the JavaScript and SVG streams… And I’m in!”

Much of that is legitimate terminology, but used in a very wrong manner.”

8. The miracle of life.


Water breaks, you go immediately to the hospital, it’s time to push, she pushes three times and immediately reverts to her prepregnancy state. Also, her hair and makeup are immaculate.

A bonus in unbelievability for surprise twins, a sudden marriage proposal, or a “newborn” who is clearly 6 months or older.”

9. Still lookin’ good.

“Women in bed with makeup still on.

I know actors gotta be wearing some because it looks better on camera. I mean more like those scenes where a couple is going to bed and the woman still has the same full face of makeup on she was wearing during the day.

Just tone it down a bit, you know?”

10. That doesn’t look right…

“The stereotypical scene where the protagonist flies to a new city/country and they have a shot of a plane landing at sunset. The plane and airport almost never match the flight they actually took.

It’s pretty often for someone to fly to Cleveland but the shot they show is a 747 landing in LA. Most people wouldn’t notice but it bugs me every time I see it.”

11. Hahaha. Yes!

“Tiny American towns in Christmas movies made after 2005 where everyone is attractive and employed.”

12. Not accurate.

“It’s very clear which movies/shows don’t do their research when it comes to representing the military.

It’s not a movie, but I made a post about the show Virgin River and how ignorantly they portray a community of veterans.

In case you’re unaware, anyone who has ever worn a uniform is basically a more virtuous version of Captain America.”

13. Nice digs.

“I’m sure this has been said but it still bugs me.

When a character is a secretary or they work in the mail room and somehow they live in a gorgeous downtown apartment with no roommates.”

14. Brilliant!

“A white guy running through Spanish Harlem in the middle of the night, screaming “Maria!” at the top of his lungs and only one woman pokes her head out the window.”

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