What Was Awesome as a Kid but Sucks as an Adult? Here’s What People Said.

Well, this should be an interesting topic for AskReddit users to tackle.

Because we all know that growing up and having to be an adult is really THE PITS.

So let’s see what these folks had to say about this interesting topic.

1. NO!

“Getting letters.

I wanted to get letters as a child but now I’m happier when I dont see them.

Now its always someone who wants my money.”

2. Now it hurts.

“I could fall down, scrape my knee and cry for like 1 minute and then get back up and ride a bike, or play tag or whatever.

Now, I fall down… I am staying down and may need Life Alert! I have to take advil, put my knee up with Ice, and complain to my wife how painful it is for the next week.

That is if I am lucky and didn’t break the whole thing.”

3. Not the same…

“Sleeping on the couch.

I could easily fit and was sometimes teleported to your room upon waking up.

Now, it’s just neck and back aches.”

4. This is depressing.


When you’re a kid, it’s three months of freedom from school.

When you’re an adult, you still have to go to work, but now it’s sweltering hot and you’re sweating your balls off all day, every day.”

5. It was great!

“Staying home on a sick day.

As a kid it was a huge victory, got to stay in bed all day, watch TV, and having a parent tend to your every need.

Then as an adult you’re just thinking about the work you’re gonna have to make up for and how you hope you don’t need to go to a doctor.”

6. Hmmm…

“Setting all my GI Joes and Transformers up across the living room and playing all afternoon having battles and adventures.

My mom always thought it was cute.

My wife just thinks it’s weird.”

7. I’m rich!

“I remember my friends dad paid me 125 bucks for 3 days of back breaking construction and landscaping when I was 14 and it felt like such a good deal at the time.”

8. Grossed out.

“Indoor public swimming pools.

As a kid I loved everything about a trip to the local one, as an adult I see how gross they are, especially the changing and poolside areas.”

9. Sad times…

“Going to McDonalds.

As a kid, it was a victory.

As an adult, it’s defeat and sadness.”

10. Now what?


As a kid, the two big events of the year were Christmas and birthdays, now there’s just nothing.”

11. Don’t tell me that…


When I was a kid, they were the greatest things I’ve ever tasted.

A couple of years ago I bought a package of two to share with my 10 year old, and neither of us got past a single bite. Those things are wretched.”

12. Oh God, no…

“The phone ringing.

We used to run to pick it up first.

Now I cringe anytime I see it go off.”

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