What Was Discontinued and You Want to See It Brought Back? People Shared Their Thoughts.

This isn’t a discontinued product, but do you remember a restaurant called Chi-Chi’s?

It was a Mexican chain restaurant and I f**king loved that place!

Sorry, I got a little carried away there…

Anyway, Chi-Chi’s doesn’t exist in the U.S. anymore but I did some research and out there are still a few locations in other countries…so it might be time for an international trip.

What was discontinued that you want to see brought back?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. They were cool.

“Physical videogame manuals or magazines.

They were so f**king cool before and then they decided to just stop doing them.”

2. Good stuff.

“Deep fried McDonald’s apple pie. The one from the 1980’s to 1990’s.

The one that was crispy and the temperature of molten plutonium inside. That s**t was the best.”

3. Prizes!

“Surprises in the cereal boxes!

Not the “enter two codes inside on our website” bull.

Actual, physical THINGS in a package floating somewhere in that box of Cheerios!”

4. A shame.


I grew up looking at photos my father took on the stock.

When I got old enough to start taking pictures myself they discontinued it.

Nothing catures colors the same way.”

5. Browsing books.


Used to hang out with a chai and browse/read. Found a lot of books I never would have bought otherwise.

There’s no way to replace that with online. At least Barnes and Noble is still here for the time being.”

6. Classic!

“Old school Pizza Hut.

RIP the salad bar with that amazing creamy Italian dressing and being able to get pitchers of beer or Pepsi.”

7. Used to be so good.

“MTV, the one with the music videos.

I started high school when MTV was launched. I, like a lot of us grew up with it. We LOVED it.

Remember, this is 1981, so adjust your understanding of tech at the time. MTV was HUGE.”

8. Yes!

“Paying once for work software, like Microsoft word or Adobe PDF, and actually owning it thereafter without having to pay a monthly subscription fee.”

9. Yum.

“Marathon candy bars.

They were a very chewy caramel lattice covered in milk chocolate.

My favorite candy bar as a kid.”

10. Yes!

“Chi Chi’s!

I don’t know what was better…the queso dip, the fajitas, or the fried ice cream.”

11. Back to the original.

“The style of the 1997 iMac.

The clear variety of colors and that single piece desk top. I had the original Bondi Blue one. I would really love one of the laptops, too!

So that style, with the current OS.”

12. Sad!

“The original Twinkie recipe. The filling was sweeter.

Everything from Hostess went downhill after they filed for bankruptcy.

Only thing I’ve been able to find that compares is the 7-Eleven brand mini donuts and cupcakes. Tastes just like Hostess used to.”

Are there any discontinued things you want to see brought back?

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