What Would You Do With Your Time if You Never Had to Sleep? Here’s What People Said.

Oh, boy, what a concept! Never having to sleep!

Sounds kind of interesting, right?

I mean, think of all the things you’d accomplish!

People on AskReddit share what they’d do if they never had to sleep.

Let’s take a look!

1. Get going!

“I would use the nighttime to work more on writing.

I stick to a page or two a day to avoid burn out on tip of my FT job/hobbies, but another 7-8 hours?

I’d burn through that sucker in no time!”

2. Now you got the time.

“Getting some much needed time to play some video games I haven’t been able to get into because of work!

Also, work in training my dog to walk with a leash and harness.”

3. A whole new life.

“Instead of working 50% of my waking life, I could drop that to 33% of my waking life, and double the amount of free time I have.

I could work normal hours, have time to veg out, have time to cook, clean, exercise, learn new skills, read books…

I would have so much more time.”

4. Sounds pretty good.

“Sleep is a waste of time when I could be doing other things to waste my time. I could binge watch more shows, play more video games, listen to more music.

Plus, because I tend to put off sleep to do other things, I’m never fully rested. What does being fully rested feel like? Even just that part sounds pretty good.”

5. For the parents.

“Parent here: have time for myself and not feel so d**n exhausted ALL OF THE TIME.

First order of business would be ensuring kids didn’t find out about it until they were adults.”

6. All about it.

“Heck yes.

Learn a new language, write more, paint more, exercise more- and read for pleasure, which I never have time to do anymore.”

7. All kinds of stuff.

“More time for so many things.

To improve my fitness level for the mountains, to talk to my family and friends which whom i have many timezone differences, to play on the computer, to improve my coding skills, to spend more time outdoors…

The sky is the limit.”

8. Get ‘er done.

“Get any and all work done, conquer a lot more in my readings, 100% a lot more of my games, and probably travel around at night.

Too many things to do with that power.”

9. Just a blur.

“As a person that regular water fasts for up to 96 hours, a lot of people are underestimating how bored you are going to be with being awake an extra 7 hours a day.

Not eating meals seems to dramatically extend how much time you have and that’s only an hour or so of extra time. 7 extra hours would seem like eternity.

Everything would just blend together and life would be a blur.”

10. Do not disturb.

“I’d do the same things I do now.

Games, writing, reading, workouts, cooking.

I’d just do it with near no interruption.”

11. Enjoy yourself.

“Enjoy the feeling of actually feeling completely rested for the first time in years.

So probably games, housework, travel, learn a new thing or two, hang out with friends without seeming like I want to leave the moment I get there.”

What would you do with your time if you never had to sleep?

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Thanks a lot!